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Thorns and Roses

Episode 18 I know I have been gone for long, it’s no fault of mine though- it’s the mosquitoes who attacked me. Thankfully I am doing wonderfully well so we can pick up from where we left last two weeks. In the episode two weeks ago we saw Eyram try with great futility to avoid… Continue reading Thorns and Roses


Thorns and Roses (Announcement)

Hello everyone, I am glad you are enjoying Thorns and Roses so much. I am however sad you give me almost no feedback. Please try and leave an impression when you are done reading the episodes- your impression could be a like, share or a comment. I will be so grateful. Today, Thorns and Roses… Continue reading Thorns and Roses (Announcement)


Thorns and Roses

Happy International Women’s Day to all women. Thorns and Roses would be posted late today due to some issues. I apologise for the inconvenience. Sherrie


We dated. Oh, we did?!!

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Exactly the look I had on when an old friend-zoned boo confidently and diabolically decided to increase my ‘ex list’ by a head. Oh! trust me, I have worked so hard to keep this list at the lowest of lows. I had to think of what I did so right. ‘Since…


Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 40

MISSING PIECES (II) Naa sighed loudly before answering; ‘I am blessed, yourself?’ ‘I am great by the Lord’s grace.’ ‘We bless God. Were you the Doctor who run off with Lydia?’ Naa asked with a smile, taking her gaze off the doctor and looking down at Lydia. Dr. Agbo threw his head back and laughed… Continue reading Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 40

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Your Responsibility Too

In a conversation with a friend a week ago I discovered that many Christians in Ghana do not see it a responsibility to pray for the nation –the peace, economy or leadership. Many people hold the shocking view that the onus falls on those leading the country or the church leaders to pray for the… Continue reading Your Responsibility Too

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I Pause, I Praise

Dear God, I must say I have not been fair to You considering I have not come to say thank you for the many wonderful things I have going on for me in my life. The last time we spoke I was on bended knees almost in tears for that one thorn that kept punching a… Continue reading I Pause, I Praise

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Negative Transformation

#beingsingle I have heard many say experience is the best teacher however I am of the view that sometimes it doesn’t just teach, it transforms negatively. Some friends and colleagues would rather sit and watch you fall into that ditch with the lame  excuse of letting experience teach you a thing or two. I have… Continue reading Negative Transformation


Dating Someone Who Doesn’t Speak Your Love Language

Expressing love is very personal and can vary from person to person, but the way you interpret love is considered your love language. There are 5 basic love languages; words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. If you don’t know what your personal love language is you can take…

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Brotherly Love- Episode 2

BUTTERFLIES ‘Nana, I am home oo!’ Andrea screamed from the kitchen. She had felt a craving for ice cream while heading back from school and upon arriving home had quickly rushed to the kitchen to check if some had been made available in the freezer. Andrea was in luck, she found a whole bowl of… Continue reading Brotherly Love- Episode 2