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Progress Begins with Your Attitude!

The room was dead silent as Akua gently climbed the steps to the stage. She refused to turn her head left to look at the large crowd for fear of running off stage. Today was her day. And she wasn’t going to allow her innate stage fright to win over the countless number of rehearsal… Continue reading Progress Begins with Your Attitude!

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Let it all Out! 😇

There’s this thing they say about life, that  If you allow life, it just might swallow you up whole.🤔 I believe that’s exactly what happened to my writing. Or rather has been happening to my blog posts for the past year. Thing is I got a new job and other added responsibilities so I began… Continue reading Let it all Out! 😇

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Mummy Is Always There…

Ewuresi silently watched as her daughter carefully stepped out of the room with a baby wrapped in white. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Her daughter brought so much joy to her heart and made her remember how she had once been young, given birth to three girls and struggled to raise them all. Nana… Continue reading Mummy Is Always There…

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Hold Me Close (A letter from a near Suicide Victim)

They say suicide isn’t an option but I don’t think I agree with them. I feel it’s best to end everything at once…No matter how abrupt that may be. And maybe cause a little bit of pain to the the culprit of your heart-wrenching agony. They dunno they pushed me this far. When no one… Continue reading Hold Me Close (A letter from a near Suicide Victim)

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Faith Like Sharon’s

Sharon raised her left hand and face towards the ceiling with tears running down the side of her eyes. The choir ministering didn’t sound exceptional but their words touched her heart, they spoke to her inner being. We have overcome By the blood of the lamb And the words of our testimony Everyone, Overcome! No… Continue reading Faith Like Sharon’s

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Red Flag

Naomi sat at the edge of her bed staring at her feet. She was frustrated from thinking too hard. She turned to look at the door to her one bedroom apartment and let out a loud sigh. She was tired. She needed money. Mum’s drugs were running out and Ruth needed money to go back… Continue reading Red Flag

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In 72 Hours…

The old rusty fan creaked loudly as it tried in vain to circulate cool air around the warm room. ‘This is all we could find about your daughter sir.’ Edith said and dumped a box full of papers on her overflowing desk. She sneezed for emphasis before collapsing into the old couch which served as… Continue reading In 72 Hours…

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The Second

I wrote this for one course I took and I thought of sharing it. Today we are taking a break from #bringsingle, we would resume God willing next week though. Read and tell me what you think. —— Amy could feel the excruciating pain. It seemed to sear through her body, making all her bones… Continue reading The Second

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The Gullible Few

‘Tracy… Tracy… Tracy’ Tawiah shouted across the hallway. ‘I just read that this famous man of God, Bishop Tyrian, has stolen a huge sum of money from his congregation and eloped with it.’ Tracy casually opened the door to her room and walked towards Tawiah who had comfortably seated herself in the sofa in the… Continue reading The Gullible Few

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Flirting I believe we all, at one point or the other, have found ourselves indulged in. Be it for the purpose of bribery or just for the mere fun it brings, we all may have our reasons for indulging in the art of flirting. What then is flirting? I looked up the meaning from an… Continue reading Flirtation