Today as I sat in the public transport I began to ponder. Now my reason for pondering was because I had spotted a young lady, or should I say a woman, because I couldn’t see clearly from where I sat at the back of my rather rickety and noisy vehicle.

I had had a long day at work. Rounding up some tasks to ensure a programme I was helping organise ended up successful. Thankfully it was.

Let’s not divert though.

Shall we get back to why I took out my phone and opened my memo to write this post.

I had spotted a lady searching for a sitting place on a higher ground around where my car had stopped because of traffic. She moved slowly as if assessing the ground to find the most comfortable spot. Finally, she settled on a rough patch which had a rock for sitting. All this while she held a sad look on her face and seemed to be singing or speaking out loud(couldn’t quite tell)

I honestly cannot understand why but I felt led to say a simple prayer for her. It looked like life hadn’t been fair to her. I prayed that God will strengthen her, comfort her, provide for her and give her a reason to smile.

Sometimes life throws so many disheartening things at us. Earlier today, I posted on my whatsapp status,

‘Some days will always be better than others.

Remember to give God the glory anyway.’

It’s easy to grumble and complain when the pressure of life seem to be after you. When the heat at work continuously increases. When the cause of the tension at home between you and your spouse doesn’t feel like it will ever be resolved. When the bills keep piling up and there seem to be no source of income to match up.

Remember to give God the glory for those days too. And say a prayer thanking God for keeping everyone else around you safe. Things may not be going on well, but there is life.

And life matters because life is a gift from God.

Smile, your day hasn’t been as tough.

God’s gotcha!


Priscilla Sherrie


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