Frivolous Cravings (3)

It’s Wednesday!

Let’s get down!

Episode 3

The Wedding Planner

Fii stared at Yaa as she chartered on and on to the wedding planner they had both selected. They had just finished off a month of counselling and were actively putting plans in place for the wedding. Fii shifted in his chair and cleared his throat in a bid to grab the attention of both women.

Yaa and Liz stopped chartering and turned to look at Fii.

‘So how much should we be looking at spending?’ He asked.

Liz smiled, ‘I believe you will be able to afford it Mr. Hagan.’

Fiifi shook his head and rose from his seat.

‘Can I steal Yaa for a minute?’ He politely asked.

‘O..sure you can.’ Liz replied and turned to look at Yaa.

Yaa sighed and rose. She wasn’t particularly excited as she had just gotten into the groove of planning.

Fiifi walked towards his room with Yaa following reluctantly.

‘Yaa, is it possible to reschedule this meeting with the event planner. We need to discuss a few things before letting her in.’ Fiifi spoke firmly after he heard Yaa shut the bedroom door. He didn’t turn to face her, he had just paused half way to the bed and spoken.

‘What do you mean by reschedule? Fii you know we need to plan early …ah…besides I have rescheduled so many times because of my busy schedule. She will think we are not a serious couple!’ Yaa exclaimed.

‘Yaa, please let us not fight about this. Besides if she becomes unhappy about how we continuously reschedule meetings we can always look for another…she isn’t the only event planner in Ghana.’

‘She is the best! What are you even talking about right now?’ Yaa exclaimed in a raised voice.

‘Yaa,’ Fiifi turned around to face her before continuing ‘I am not fighting with you Yaa.’ I am just saying we have to talk.

‘No! You are not saying that at all. I am taking her to my house to finish our discussion…I don’t even understand you right now!’

Fiifi was confused. He didn’t understand how his request to speak to his woman about their wedding plans had turned into an argument.

‘Yaa, calm down. I didn’t say … I am just trying to ..’ Fiifi was short of words. Maybe he should have just kept quiet and proposed the talk after.

‘I am leaving.’ Yaa stated, turned to the door and walked out banging it loudly behind her.

Fiifi stared at the shut door.

He still didn’t quite understand what had just happened.


‘You won’t believe he wanted me to reschedule the meeting with Liz. He doesn’t know how I suffered to get her to even consider us and…’

‘Yaa, you need to calm down.’Rabi urged .

‘I am calm…i just dont understand..’ Yaa began again.

‘Yaa, you are not calm. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.’

‘I am not in the mood for those gimmicks.’ Yaa grumbled.

‘This is evidence to the fact that you are not calm Yaa.’

‘Whatever, I am just not happy. You should have seen Liz’s face when I asked for a reschedule…like …’

‘NANA YAA AGYEMAN!’ Rabi cut in sternly.

Yaa kept quiet and stared at her friend. She pressed her lips tightly.

‘Tell me what happened. Objectively. Not from your fairytale side.’

‘Well… you know how we’ve always wished Liz would plan our weddings when it finally arrived. I got Liz on board to plan …’

‘Did you speak to Fii about this first?’ Rabi cut in.

‘I told him I was getting a good wedding planner…and he smiled.’ Yaa replied in her defense.

‘Did you tell him how much this good wedding planner cost? Rabi asked, stressing on the good.

Yaa stared at the table in response.

‘Rabi, I really want this wedding to go the way I have dreamed of …’ Yaa began.

‘No one said you can’t have that…you need to discuss these things with your man first. He’s practically your husband now!’

Yaa frowned.

‘You are going to call Fii right now and tell him you are coming over. And when you get there communicate.’

Yaa nodded her head and took out her phone from her bag.

To be continued…


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