Frivolous Cravings

Hello there,
So after yesterday’s totally emotional post, we are starting in grand style. I began working on this story on 9th December 2017 (yes o…last year) Thing is I am on the 3rd episode so let’s see how it goes.
I am posting the story exactly how I wrote it. (obviously, I will make corrections to grammar😂)
Dig in!

I know a couple of you are so pissed off with me for stopping ‘Thorns and Roses’ in the middle of nowhere. I am sorry for that.

I promise to push out the rest of the episodes during the Christmas festivities so we all have something to look forward to.

Today I want to begin a 10 part story. At the end of the 10th episode, you decide if we continue or not.



Episode 1

The Proposal

Nana Yaa looked at her watch the umpteenth time. She didn’t like to be kept waiting and Fiifi seemed to be doing exactly that today.

He had called her around lunchtime and asked that they meet at their favourite hang out spot later in the evening. Knowing her boyfriend all too well, Nana Yaa figured Fii wanted to talk. He wasn’t one to call in the middle of the week to schedule a date like that. He was more of a planner- leaving no stone unturned.

If he wanted a date, he will call two whole weeks before the said day, schedule the day, mark his calender…yes…Fii was that much of a perfectionist.

Nana Yaa’s phone vibrated and that jolted her out of her thoughts. Fii had sent a text.

‘I am sitting in the car outside. Can you come and meet me?’

Nana Yaa was not amused. She angrily grabbed her bag from the table top and walked out of the eatery. She knew his favourite parking spot so she headed right there and rasped on the car window to show her displeasure before opening the door to the passenger seat.

‘You dunno the kind of day I had and you called in the middle of the day to meet up and you were late! Really?!’ Yaa grumbled and sat.

‘I am sorry.’ Fii replied.

‘Whatever.’ Nana Yaa replied as she tried to sit more comfortably.

‘ Yaa?’ Fii called.

‘What?! Me, I am not happy with you o…the way my day went and you made me come and sit here for over forty-five minutes waiting for you. When I called too you weren’t answering…mtchew.’ Yaa rattled on.

‘I have been parked here for an hour now…I..’ Fii began.

‘Are you serious?!’ Yaa turned to glare at her boyfriend who cringed at the sight.

‘Marry me!’ Fii exclaimed.

He had been trying to find the perfect way to propose to his girlfriend of four years and this was how it ended up.

‘What?’a stunned Yaa asked.

‘I want to spend…no…I want us to take this…no…o goodness.’ Fii slapped his face and let his head drop to his chest.

Nana Yaa stared at her boyfriend in confusion. She didn’t know whether he was serious or not.

‘But…I thought we discussed how you will end up proposing to me…not in a car…not like this…’ Yaa finally found her voice.

Fiifi raised his head to look at his girlfriend.

‘I know…I just couldn’t muster the courage to enter and go on my knees in front of everyone there…what if you said no..’ Fii voiced out his fear.

‘But…but…I always told you I wanted it that way…so my friends can take pictures and…’ Yaa’s eyes began to fill with tears.

‘I am sorry… Will you marry me Nana Yaa Agyeman? This might not be tbe perfect proposal you dreamt about but I want to make you a part of my life. ‘ Fii stretched out his hand and held hers.

‘Yes, I will marry you.’ Yaa sobbed.


‘Ah…so he didn’t propose on his knee like you always told him to?’ Bea, Yaa’s friend asked over the phone.

As soon as she returned to her apartment, Yaa had quickly placed a conference call to Bea and Rabi, two of her closest friends.

‘No o…he proposed to me in his car.’ Yaa replied.

‘And what did you say ?’ Rabi asked in excitement.

‘Of course I said yes…I love my man!’ Yaa exclaimed.

‘Silly girl…you should have said no and told him to do it the way you had always told him you dreamt of.’ Bea said.

‘You are not serious…that’s why you are still single…’ Rabi replied.

‘Who is not serious… these things mean a lot o.. .hw3…you be there.’ Bea replied.

‘Madam, instead of you making noise about how the proposal was done, why don’t you join celebrate the fact that Yaa has actually been proposed to. Yaa I am so happy for you! We have to meet up this Friday ok.’

Yaa smiled to herself, ‘Yes, we will…I have to catch some sleep..tomorrow is another long day for me.’

‘Sure Mrs….catch plenty sleep..soon you won’t be catching any at all.’ Rabi teased.

‘Why won’t she be catching any for…’ Bea began another attack.

‘Bea…just stop.. Goodnight guys.’ Yaa chuckled and ended the call.

She knew Bea just wanted to start another fight with Rabi. Yaa sighed loudly and rose from her couch.

‘ This bride-to-be has to take a long shower.’ she said to herself and walked to her bathroom.

To be continued…

Drop your comments below, I need inspiration to continue. 😂

Hope you loved it though.😎


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