Pushed To The Wall

Episode 5

Silence and fear lay thick on the city of Jericho like a wet cloak. Nobody was allowed in and nobody allowed out. Though the people were scared- they knew that their wall was their strongest fortress and will definitely give the Israelites a tough time. They will be doomed only after the wall was broken through.
News had already reached them that the Israelites had camped outside the wall. The terrified King was waiting for them to lunch their attack, so that their army will bring an even stronger counter attack.

“The people are doing some strange rituals. They keep going round the city wall in absolute silence. It has been five days now.” The army commander reported to the King.
The king frowned- they are sure to be looking for loopholes in the wall. He smirked- that was not possible he had built this wall with such diligence it was impenetrable.
“Keep your eyes on them. Let’s see how they strike. With what they are doing they will soon loose strength.” The king ordered the army commander. Deep inside- he couldn’t shake the feeling that the Israelites were simply gaining strength.

The silence of the Israelites was deafening- it made the city even more shaky. It’s been six days already. Today was the seventh. Rahab and family had also been quiet for a while now. They only kept praying to the God of the Israelites to have mercy on them.

“Let’s not ask anymore. Let’s thank Him” Grandma said in a whisper, she was smiling. Her smile fell on them like light. They all began smiling and thanking the Lord in their hearts. It was as if He was also their God- maybe He had always been. They just realised it.

Salmon was anticipating the day just like everybody else. It was dawn and they were already prepared to march around the wall. Today they will do it seven times- today the wall will come tumbling down. Today He will fulfil his promise to Rahab. They began marching in silence- it was not easy the wall was wide enough. But they were soldiers in the army of the Lord and He was their chief commander. The will soon begin their seventh march. Salmon was ready to shout their victory- for the heavens heard their silence.

The sound of the trumpet greatly frightened the people- everybody got armed as the King had ordered. They were sure the Israelites were about to attack. It was stunning to hear them shout- if their silence was deafening then their shout was wall- breaking. And as if to prove their thoughts right, the ground shook and the walls came crushing down. Their weapons were useless. Shouts of many dying people were heard. The Isralites kept shouting- they knew they were already victorious.

“Go and take the city. It is already given.” Joshua commanded and the people run into the city destroying all that was in their sight.
Salmon run faster than his legs, running towards the only part of wall that was still standing. The one with the scarlet cord.

To be continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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