Pushed To The Wall

Episode 4

Rahab’s mum sat up staring at her sleeping family, they were all sleeping in the living room- Rahab had insisted they do that. Rahab; she sighed at the thought of the name….this girl was so different these days. She had always been different, her father used to call her the ‘special one’. Her name means broad- large. And that is what defines her heart- it is broad enough to take a lot of pain and holds a lot of love. It was that love for the family that pushed her to this profession. And eventually let the father die of broken heart. Tears were coming out now- Rahab’s mum quickly cleaned them. Rahab had been telling all of them to be full of joy- she kept urging them to pray to the God of the people of Israel. The people who were about destroying them. To be frank, she didn’t understand her daughter and she was not one to give up so easily on the gods of her fathers, but- years of praying to them never changed her daughter. Seeing this transformation in the life of her daughter brought joy to her very bones. And if it is that God who did it, why won’t she worship him- maybe then He will also spare their city and lives. It was leaning to dawn…she had to sleep. She lay beside her daughter, smiled and slept.

The Lord had done many wondrous things in the midst of His people. Salmon could not explain the enormous joy and peace he felt knowing that the Lord was with them. Everybody was solemn heeding to the instructions of Joshua. They had sanctified themselves, crossed the river Jordan- set up the twelve stones as a reminder of God’s greatness to their children and to themselves. Salmon was sure he will never forget. They were now camping by Jericho awaiting the instructions of God through Joshua. Salmon kept wondering if Rahab felt their presence- did she know they were here. Did she wait for them- for him? He shook his head- he had to focus on the mission. Their God is about making history and a future with them- He was sure Rahab was part of all.
The instructions did come, there were to march around the wall of Jericho for six days in silence and on the seventh day led by seven priests with seven horns they were to march around the wall seven times. On the seventh round the priests would blow the trumpet and they’d have to shout a great shout- for the Lord will break down the walls of Jericho.
Salmon was pleased to hear Joshua say that the Lord will destroy everyone except Rahab and her family. He had called him and the other spy aside to tell them to run to Rahab’s house and bring her and her household out to the camp of Israel so that they are not killed.

Joshua warned them to not take any treasure from the place when they enter the city- Salmon didn’t care at all for any treasure. His treasure was up a wall- a building set apart with a scarlet cord. His love- Rahab

To be continued….

By: Abigail Affum


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