Pushed To The Wall

Episode 3

Rahab opened her door to see a soldier standing there with a smirk she’d like to wipe off with a slap. He entered without waiting for her to ask him in- she rolled her eyes not surprised.

“I missed you.” He said his grin getting more stupid and wide.

“You should go.” Rahab said flatly

“Heyyyy….such attitude is bad for business” he walked towards her, caressing her arms. She instinctively hit his hands off, walked away and said,

“Business is closed.” Not wanting to annoy him; she quickly added- feigning sorrow,

“What’s the use? You have not been able to catch those wretched spies- we are all good as dead now. I just want to live the rest of my life in solitude- just me and my family”

The soldier just stared, his smirk wiped off.

“You should go too, spend more time with your wife. Ask that she forgives you. Let her feel a little loved by you- till we are all gone” she added the icing to the cake.

“Don’t advice me. You are sure to be the first of us to die- your house is built into the wall. You’d tumble-down with it.” He said and walked out of her house.

Rahab smiled she couldn’t be bothered anymore- talking to the God of Israel gave her peace. In fact she has stopped having those nightmares of the rape she went through. Now she had to get her family here.

“My dear, what happened are you better?” Mum asked very concerned- holding a bowl of soup. Rahab had sent message to the family to come to her house as she was not feeling well. She was glad to open the door to her mother, grandma and teenage siblings.

“Come on in!” She said- she had changed to arrangement of her house so it does not look so much like what she used to do before. All things are new. She turned to her mother, took away the bowl of soup and grinned.

“You don’t look sick at all.” The mother observed.

“I want us all to stay here together….”

“But-” her mother was about objecting

“I have stopped ma. You must listen. We must stay here.”

“He is here” Grand ma just spoke out of the blue. Getting everybody’s attention

“Their God is here.” She said with certainty and peace.

To be continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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