Pushed To The Wall

Episode 2

“Why are you helping us” Salmon voiced out his curiosity.

Rahab sighed.

“Do sit down, let me give you something hot to drink” she said pointing to her small dinning room. She quickly run to get some tea with honey.

Salmon saw how swift she was with everything, she evidently knew that there was no time. He also noticed her shaking hands- strangely he wanted to hold on to her hands and assure her of safety and peace.

“Drink quickly. They will be back soon”

“Answer the question” the other spy demanded.

This was too much for Rahab- she turned away from them and spoke,

“The one behind you is stronger…..” she echoed Grandma’s words and turned to face them.

“Everybody in the city is frightened because we have heard about you and know about what you have done. I know that we don’t stand a chance…but i wish to find favour in your eyes and the eyes of your God. That you spare me and my family”

Her words hit the hearts of the spy especially Salmon.

“I assure you- that just as you saved us…we shall spare your life and that of your family…” Salmon was saying when he caught sight of a scarlet cord that was hanging on the closet…

“Let that scarlet cord be a sign among us- that we may know when we come that this house must be spared”

Rahab sighed- she wanted to express all her rushing emotions of joy and relief and uncertainty- but there was no time,

“See, get to the mountains and hide there for three days- that is when the soldiers will return to the city. After you can go your way.”

Salmon couldn’t help but notice that this woman was very knowledgeable about general affairs. He wanted to know her more. But they have a mission and they had to go.

Rahab quickly found a rope to let them down the wall, she watched as they run- praying to their God to keep them safe…..now what was left was to convince her family to trust her crazy self.

“She is not one of us, Salmon.” The other spy addressed Salmon

“What do you mean?”

“I saw how you looked at her- forget about her, in any case her house looked like that of a harlot”

Salmon found himself getting angry all of a sudden- all these feelings were sudden why was he concerned about her that much,

“Whatever that house maybe- it is the house that sheltered us- she may not be of us….but clearly she is of God. That is all i know.” Salmon answered and they hid in the mountains for the three days- adhering to the advice of the Harlot. The Harlot who saved them

To be continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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