Pushed To The Wall

This week we promised you something new from Abigail and here you have it. A story of how the pressures of life can move us to do things we wouldn’t have thought out for our very selves and how the saving arm of The Lord can locate us. An adaptation of the Biblical story of Rahab. 

Episode 1

She sat alone in the dark room. Being alone was luxury to her- the kind of job she did did not afford her that. But she must admit that recent days has left her with a lot of alone time. It turns out those men that troop to her office were no men after all. She knew why her customers were not coming now- it was the same reason that she was not asleep. Her heart raced as the husky voice of her grandma came back to her,

“They came and the walls destroyed at their sight- we are already defeated…what is behind them is greater”

“Ray Ray- you shouldn’t be listening to such scary tales from your granny” the mother had said but even she was not bold enough. The fear was not only with the citizens, the soldiers and guards of the wall were also very scared to their bones….they were her only customers now since her house was built into the wall- it was easy to come there. They came drunk and exposed their fears in all kinds of- she’d rather not think about it.

She looked into the sky through the window- the moonlight was faint- yet sure…. like the hope that she had…that one day things will be different that she will be truly free. Having her house built into the high wall let her see beyond a horizon she dared to dream about. Her heart slightly broke when she remembered how she came here.

She was a teenager when her father owed a soldier of high-ranking. The soldier used to come to their home to drink and eat with the family- she used to think he was the father’s friend but she was wrong. He had no pity on the father, their house was regularly barged into by a troop of soldiers, they’d ransack their home and embarass the family. The last threat was that if father didn’t pay the bill he’d be killed. The thought of papa dying was too much to bear- it was then that she carried her young self to the soldier’s house and pleaded for mercy. The shameless man demanded for her body as a payment, when she refused he simply raped her and spread news throughout the town that she had seduced him to make him forget about the debt the family owed.

The news spread fast in the town- she’d hear people saying,

“Don’t let her looks deceive you- she is a loose woman.”

“A prostitute- I tell you. Such a young lady. I even slept with her in exchange for sweet perfume- she is just vain”

It was useless to explain the news away- many men came running to her. They only laughed when she told them she was no prostitute….it was like her destiny. That was when she decided to make money out of her body. She had no dignity to protect. The wall seemed a perfect place to do business and to seek refuge from the gossip of the townsfolk. Here she was safe. She sighed….leaning on the wall- the wall she was pushed to.

To be continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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