Thorns and Roses

Episode 20

Story so far…

Esi Brandful was discharged and arrived home safely. She kes note of how clean the house is and convinces herself that Jake never brought anyone home. Jake, on the other hand, is unattentive during a meeting at work.

Esi calls her husband to ask what he will have for supper and to enquire about the whereabout of her son. Jake calls his mum only to find out Eyram has picked Kojo from school and is headed home to prepare supper for him.

Shall we continue…



‘What did you say?!’ Jake shouted over the phone to his mother.

‘Why are you shouting?’ His startled mother asked.

‘Esi has been discharged…lemme call you back.’ Jake replied and ended the call.

He held the phone and paced in his office. He knew calling Eyram while she drove was useless. She was driving and he didn’t want her having a divided attention. But she was headed to his house and Esi was home!

After what seemed like hours, Jake rushed out of the office- his only option was to beat Eyram to his house and grab Kojo from Eyram at the last turn to his house, he didn’t want to see any woman drama between his wife and Eyram.

‘So stupid of my mother!  She should have called me! And Eyram too! What utter nonsense.’ Jake shouted at himself as he reversed from the company’s parking lot.


Esi stood in front of the kitchen counter and stared at the ingredients she had laid out on it. Jake hadn’t called back but she wanted to make sure supper was ready before he finally entered.

‘Groundnut soup with chicken won’t be a bad idea, problem is…what will he eat it with.’ Esi frowned lightly as she thought hard.

Her thoughts were broken when she felt her phone vibrate in the front pocket of her apron. With an absent mind, she pulled it out and slid to answer the call without checking the caller ID. She figured Jake was calling back like he had said earlier.

‘ Hello? Esi?’ A calm male voice spoke from the other end.

Esi pulled her phone from her ear to check who was calling as she realised the voice wasn’t that of her husband. The number hadn’t been stored on her phone.

‘Esi here…please who am I speaking with?’ She asked after bringing the phone back to her ear.

‘I rushed back to the hospital today to find out you had been discharged. I have to apologise for how I got your number though.

Esi hands shook.

‘Doctor Samuel?’

‘You say it like a young girl. Please drop the title.’ He laughed and replied.

‘Yes please.’ Esi replied and remained silent. She prayed that she won’t fall into any temptation.

Samuel broke the awkward silence that followed,

‘How are you feeling?’

‘I am better, thank you for taking good care of me.’

‘We thank God, … I am sorry I missed our date last night.’

‘Date?’ Esi asked in confusion.

‘I was supposed to come pass by… I did come…but you were occupied…and before anything else came up I had to rush and leave the hospital to sort out an emergency at home.’ He explained.

‘No problem… can I call you back, please? I am in the middle of something.’ Esi cut in quickly.

‘O … ok…do save my number though… I want us to keep in touch please.’

‘You remember I am married right?’ Esi wanted to make sure Samuel hadn’t forgotten.

‘I remember you are not a happily married woman. I will text you when I am done with my ward duties. Take care of yourself Esi, please don’t stress yourself out.’

‘Ok.’ Esi replied. She felt the warmth of his care.

‘Bye.’ Samuel said and ended the call.

Esi slowly removed the phone from her ear and placed it back into the pocket. She hugged herself tight.

‘Don’t make this hard Lord…take him away. He is exactly what I want but he isn’t right for me.’

‘Mummy!’ Kojo interrupted her prayer as he run towards her.

‘My baby! Esi stretched out her hand and grabbed him. She lifted him up and hugged him tightly.

‘I missed you so much Kojo.’ Though her eyes were shut tightly, she could feel them well up with tears.

‘Me too!’ Kojo tried to shout in response.

‘Auntie told me you will come back today!’ Kojo continued excitedly and pointed at the lady standing at the entrance of the kitchen.

It was then Esi saw Eyram. What struck Esi first was Eyram’s skin tone and beauty.

‘Hello.’ Esi shifted Kojo to her left to make her right free to wave at Eyram.

‘Hi…hi…I just came to drop him home for…’ Eyram stuttered.

‘Thank so much for doing that.’ Esi placed Kojo on the floor.

‘I don’t remember seeing you though. Are you a new teacher in my son’s school?’ Esi continued.

Eyram nodded and shook her head at the same time. She was lost for words and the right explanation.

‘I am Eyram.’ She finally replied and stretched out her hand.

‘Nice to meet you Eyram.’ Esi shook her outstretched hand.

‘I have to be leaving now please.’ Eyram turned sharply and walked towards the main entrance.

‘Sure, lemme help you out…thanks again for bringing Kojo home.’

‘You are welcome.’ Eyram smiled broadly and opened the door to leave. She shut it quickly behind her and walked briskly to her car in the compound.

Esi was startled when the door was shut in her face. She opened it and watched Eyram rush to her car.

‘Lemme open the gate for you please.’ Esi shouted and run to the gate. Just as she had opened both, she noticed Jake’s car coming from down the road.

Eyram reversed out of the compound and waved at her. Esi waved back excitedly and watched Eyram drive in the opposite direction as Jake entered the compound.

Jake parked clumsily and rushed out of the car.

‘Who just drove out?!’ He demanded.

Esi paused from locking the gate and looked at him with a puzzled expression.

‘That’s Eyram, she brought Kojo home.’ Esi replied and finished locking the gate.

‘Open the gate for me.’ Jake instructed.

‘But you just came in and … ‘ Esi began and caught herself. She obediently opened the gate again and watched her husband drive out.’

Just then her phone rang again and she picked it up again to answer while staring at the empty road her husband had just sped away on.

‘Hello Esi, heard you have been discharged. I hope you are well now.’

‘Hello, Manager. Good evening. Yes please I am doing great.’

‘Evening my dear. That’s good to hear. Can you pass by the office tomorrow so we finalize the details of your promotion? Sorry for the late and impromptu notice.’

‘Around what time please?’ Esi asked.

‘Early morning would do, the lady from HR would be around by 10 am.

‘I will be there.’

To be continued…

I wonder how Eyram will be feeling right now. And where does Jake think he is off to? 😲 Does anyone think Esi suspects Eyram is Jake’s side chick?

Catch you in the next episode… Don’t forget to leave your comments o…



9 Replies to “Thorns and Roses”

  1. I don’t think Esi suspects Eyram to be Jake’s side chick. She seemed to have a clear mind about her.
    Jake’s reaction however could make her suspect. He didn’t act wisely.

    Liked by 1 person

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