Faith Comes By Hearing

Closing Note

Most of us have interesting things we believe about ourselves- and without doubt we’d agree that a chunk of them are formed by the things we hear other’s say- the Bible puts it this way, “Faith comes by hearing…”

Junior like many of us became full of insecurities, fear and many other negative beliefs because of the many things that he heard from people. It’s true that some of us have not forgotten what that class one mate of ours that said, “Your head is big for nothing.” Words from people we love and admire tend to even hit us more- that will include words of mum, dad, dear friends, siblings, our boss, workmates and the list goes on. It’s funny how when we our at our lowest point in life all these words come racing back to our minds- for instance when we happen to struggle a little bit with a particular course the words of that class one mate comes back saying, “Your head is really big for nothing”

We may spend eternity trying to disprove these words we have come to believe in ourselves- and that is one exercise that can wear us out.

God offers a much better way- He does not dispute the fact that faith (of any kind- really) comes by hearing- but he points to His word as the sure way to be built up and enjoy His gift of abundant life. We’d see that when we pay attention to God’s word we find that it speaks to us things that are very opposite to what we have come to believe about ourselves. He tells us that He rejoices over us with singing, has in mind the number each strand of our hair carries and that He is closer to us than our second skin- when we may have been convinced that we are not worth anyone’s attention. Like Junior- God doesn’t promise that we will not experience low points in our life. But in times like that- instead of playing back all the negative comments- let’s mutter to ourselves- like the woman with the issue of blood did, words that bring life to dead bones.

And now that we know the weight words can have on us, let’s do what Paul encourages us to do and ensure that we,

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Let’s be like Nicholas to the people around us and like Junior let’s defeat evil by doing good- let’s not let the negative things said against us rule our lives and make our hearts grow cold.

No matter what low things you believe about yourselves, no matter how you feel about yourselves- God loves you….get curious about why He insists on loving you- perhaps you’d be tempted to love you too.

By: Abigail Affum

We have finally come to the end of this beautiful story. We hope you were able to pick some good cues for your FaithWalk. We have something new for you next week from Abigail. Keep your fingers crossed for the exciting new journey we are about to take in the upcoming weeks. God bless you.


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