Faith Comes By Hearing

Pete looked through the files Ato had given him. Everything showed how stupid Melissa had been- her carelessness made her not pay attention to important details- he had been waiting for her to come announce that she was pregnant for him and needed an abortion after their last intercourse. When she didn’t come he suspected that she might be cheating and he was right as always. What drove him mad was her choice of man. Why she didn’t go for someone they could both eat from he failed to comprehend. He was shaking with anger now- Melissa has been his most expensive investment and she has been his personal favourite. He found out from the tests that she was pregnant two weeks after they had been together, two weeks before she left for that town. He had even considered they keeping it- but this betrayal deserved some punishment. He lacked the compassion to think twice of the situation, he’d beat money out of the two idiots if it had to come to that- had he not always been this way. Did it not benefit him in the long run?

Junior’s life was now been a triangle- from the basketball court to the provision store then to the bar. He still did his best to ensure that food was available for his mother- and now Melissa. The thought was a burdening one, things have changed so fast that it has affected his balance. He wouldn’t be going to the court if Nicholas had not insisted and even at the court he played thinking of how to make more money. More money for his baby- he felt sorry for the unborn child. To think it will end up with a father like him was sorrowful.

“At that rate, you could break all the glasses here” Nicholas’ voice cut through his thick thoughts.

“His pay will suffer the loss…” Antwi said with a shrug. Till he realized that the boy was actually holding on to the broken glasses without knowing it was cutting him.

“Junior!” Both Nicholas and Antwi shouted in unison.

“Yes?” The boy blankly responded. And realising the situation simply dropped the glasses and headed out for a broom.

” No, I will do it” Nicholas said stopping him in his tracks.

“Hey!” Antwi said holding the Junior’s shoulder, his state was terrifying

“You’re not the first unprepared father and you won’t be the last. Wake up and fight this.”

“You know?” Junior said taken aback and slightly embarrassed.

“Nicholas told you right?”

Antwi laughed, “You can’t keep pregnancy a secret and Melissa’s bump is showing early enough. Also people see you carrying foodstuffs to her house and visiting often. If you have not told your mother- you should do so now. People talk you know.”

“Actually, you can do that now. I can handle tonight. And get your hand treated.” Nicholas offered and handed over a tissue to Junior. Junior could actually cry- he still didn’t understand why it seemed Nicholas insisted on helping him but he was grateful. He thanked them both and headed out to go tell his mother.

To be frank seeing Nicholas working at the bar for the first time was irritating but he had to admit that he was a better choice than Melissa. He was running when his phone rang- he was surprised he could hear the tone above his loudly beating heart. It was Melissa- he was used to having her call every second. He found himself attending to her every need, running all kinds of errands and spending money on her every craving. His life should actually be described as a square since he frequented Melissa’s place too.

“Hello…” he said with a sigh. The voice that answered was that of a male. The person announced to him that Melissa was in the hospital and that she had passed out.

Serwaa was in the hospital when some young girl was rushed to the emergency ward. It was said about her that she had fainted on the streets. These things were not surprising to her as she had seen many of them. What she didn’t understand was why she’d hear a group of nurses talking about the girl but will quiet down as she approached. It seems the girl was popular among in the town but she could swear she has never seen her before. But what could she care- her life was too complicated to have to idle about gossiping or finding out about some poor young woman. She just decided to continue with her work.

Junior had rushed to the hospital and now was in the doctor’s office. He was feeling hot in spite of the air condition.

” I understand you are the father of the baby she is carrying” the doctor said.

“Yes sir. She is I think a month pregnant now. But she has been fine- eating well. I even give her money for check ups” Junior said. He really didn’t know why she should faint. The doctor just stared with a frown on his face.

” is she fine? And the baby?” Junior asked, visibly shaking.

“Calm down sir. What I don’t understand is the things you have told me. But they are both fine now. She may have fainted out of stress and anxiety and there is also a shortage of blood in her system. But you must know that the young woman is two months and some weeks pregnant. It’s typical for you to forget but if you want to keep them alive you should pay more attention to your wife. She seemed to have been drinking too and this is not good for the baby or for her….”

The doctor’s voice kept sounding faint in Junior’s ears- he stopped listening when he heard the two month’s and some weeks pregnant. This had to be wrong- it couldn’t be that Melissa lied to him.

“I want to see her.” He said to the doctor who seemed to have been speaking for a while. The doctor just shook his head as if he had just confirmed how irresponsible Junior was.

“Serwaa, please follow me to the emergency ward with some painkillers” one doctor ordered Serwaa. She quickly took some and followed the doctor whose strides were long and quick. She was sure it’s for the mystery woman, it seems she will get to know something after all. Upon entering the ward, Serwaa almost lost her balance. What was Junior doing in the ward? Why was he standing beside the mystery woman and what was Dr. Tsuba talking to him about. She needed answers and it took a lot of self-control to not scream out her son’s name.

“hand me the injection” the doctor ordered her.

She quickly obeyed wishing she was attending the mystery woman instead.

To be Continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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