Faith Comes By Hearing

Junior and Melissa sat facing each other both not knowing who is most surprised at the conversation they had just had. Junior would not deny that hearing that Melissa was pregnant was unexpected but what really shook him was her announcement of wanting to get rid of the forming foetus.

“If it’s about the money- you should know I am saving you from the extra costs taking care of a baby will demand” Melissa added to her many arguments.

“We are keeping this child, I will not allow you to hurt yourself or the baby” Junior said with the confidence he didn’t have.

“Your pronouns are misplaced boy- there is no, “We” and the only thing you are allowed to do is to give me the money for what *I* need to do. ” Melissa said, she was getting really mad.

“Melissa…” junior began he was falling apart and he didn’t want those voices to start coming against him. He had already imagined what his Mum and Antwi will say to him. Yet today his instincts, or whatever voice it was, was louder, he was not going to let this baby die.

“You’re keeping this baby. If you attempt to kill it- I will get you locked up.” He spat out with a sternness Melissa had never seen before. And then with what seemed like the last strength he had, he walked away.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Nicholas couldn’t help to notice how Junior’s running was slower yet his breath was deeper and his eyes unfocused.

“Ah! Nigger wossop? Why you make dull so- this be the fifth pass I give you wey you miss” it seemed another playmate had noticed Junior’s slump.

“Oh massa dawg the noise you dey make. Why you no miss ball before?” Nicholas cut in- coming to Junior’s rescue. Junior was however oblivious to his environment he just kept  hearing, “You are going to be a father, you are going to be like your father!” His mind was choked, he started feeling dizzy when,

“Hey! Stand firm” Nicholas said holding him- it seemed he had almost lost balance.

“Come with me” Nicholas simply said and they both walked off the basketball court.

“Here…” Nicholas handed over a bottle of water to Junior. Junior chuckled,

“Why are you being nice to me? You want free drinks from the bar?”

Now that tickled Nicholas, “That won’t be bad but I don’t take hard drinks- I am a hard guy all by myself.”

“Hard guy…” Junior repeated with a sigh

Nicholas knew he had to come in- he knew Junior needed him….or to be more precise needed God. He just had to point to the way. He had just been doing nothing but playing basketball with him- it’s about time he did more- and God was more.

“Junior, since I was young I have not known any hardship. My parents were busy and stayed outside the country most of the time but they showed me all the love I needed. They died in a plane crash while trying to make it for my birthday… their demise was very painful to our relatives- they didn’t really say it but I felt they all blamed me for my parents death. Because of that I began to live my life for them- wanting to please them to make them happy. I felt responsible something bad happened to any of my uncles and aunties. I felt I owed them my life…but that was before I met Jesus..” Nicholas was saying till Junior cut him with a laughter.

“Eiii! Hmmm… I should have known you’d say something like that…” Junior said with a smirk,

“God is the answer to all your problems” Junior said mimicking Nicholas voice, ” See everyone I know who claims to know God- including you doesn’t make me want to know Him.” He said getting up, Nicholas stood up with him too and said, “Ignore us then- get to know him for yourself. He is a dynamic author- He knows how to write out each and everyone’s faith differently- you may be curious as to how He’d write yours.”

Junior just rolled his eyes, ”

I am too busy to go reading stories from a man whose works I see seem poor enough”

Junior left Nicholas with so much anger, that boy had no idea what pain he was carrying- and the God he talked about was the same God his mother worshipped- and he saw nothing good come out of it. He’d rather die than to hold on to something he can’t see…

“You don’t have to die. He already died that you may live” a voice whispered- a voice that has been made inaudible by the screams of voices of condemnation and fear. Junior was a walking wreck or not.

To be Continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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