Thorns and Roses

Episode 18

I know I have been gone for long, it’s no fault of mine though- it’s the mosquitoes who attacked me. Thankfully I am doing wonderfully well so we can pick up from where we left last two weeks.
In the episode two weeks ago we saw Eyram try with great futility to avoid Jake. Problem was she got stuck in traffic after running off to get ingredients to whip Kojo some sumptuous jollof rice. Jake had quickly found his way to the hospital to visit his neglected wife and appease his conscience. He has intentions of having a last go with Eyram but wishes to clear the air with Esi before proceeding.

Let’s see how things pan out this week.


‘Sir, may I kindly know your relation to the patient?’ The nurse asked after she had walked up to where Jake sat. He had his eyes fixed on the screen of his phone and wished he didn’t have to answer the question.

‘Sir?’ The nurse repeated. 

‘She is my wife!’ Jake blurted out without turning his attention from his phone.

The nurse was taken aback by Jake’s rudeness and tried to hide her displeasure in vain. Her colleague who had handled the earlier shift had briefed her on the patient named Esi Brandful and her sudden closeness to Doctor Samuel. She made a face at him and said curtly;

‘Kindly follow me Mr. Brandful. Her ward is this way.’ Jake got up to follow the nurse in the direction she was headed.

‘I mentioned I was in a hurry. I hope you are not trying to delay me?’ Jake grumbled. He really wanted to get this whole Esi thing over and done with.

The nurse immediately doubled her pace. 

‘Here is her ward sir. She stated with a slight smirk on her face. She had stopped abruptly beside a white door on a corridor they had turned to after walking past the laboratory from the OPD.

Jake ignored her and grabbed the door knob.


Eyram finally found her way through the heavy traffic. It hadn’t been easy with the constant honking of her horn and heated exchanges between herself and commercial drivers she felt were in the wrong. Her heart skipped a beat as she took the last turn leading to Jake’s house. She gripped the steering wheel and muttered a prayer- she couldn’t afford to meet Jake at home, not today. 

Eyram turned to Kojo whom she had strapped in the passenger seat. He had fallen asleep while she had been battling with traffic. She slowed down considerably because she was trying to work her around her current predicament. Upon arriving at the entrance to the house, she alighted from the car and pushed the gate open. Relief washed over her when she realized Jake’s car wasn’t parked in the driveway. Eyram did a short victory dance by wriggling her waist and opened the gate fully in order to drive through it.

After parking in the driveway, she balanced the groceries she had purchased in one hand and sleeping Kojo on the other arm. She had no time to waste. Eyram entered the main house by tuning the knob with the hand that held the groceries and pushing her way through with her back. She layed Kojo gently on the sofa in the hall and rushed to the kitchen. 

‘I will appease him by preparing extra jollof rice for him.’ She thought to herself. She knew if she successfully run off before Jake arrived home, he wouldn’t be excited.

It wasn’t long before her imagination began overworking itself as she prepared the meal. She wondered how Jake’s wife would be and tried imagining how she looked with the little details she had gathered from Jake’s mother and Jake himself. She didn’t have much physical description to go by but the character description given by Jake’s mother caused Eyram to imagine Esi as an uncouth, dark and fat lady.

Eyram let out a loud laugh as she imagined Esi and Jake fighting.

‘What’s funny auntie?’ Esi was startled from her daydream by a little voice from behind her.

She wiped her hand on the apron, turned around and placed her damp hand on her chest to feign fright.

‘You scared me young man.’ She said heartily and broke out into laughter.

‘I am sorry. I am hungry please.’ Kojo rubbed his tummy with one hand and his left eye with the other.

‘I promise your jollof rice will be done soon. How about a finger of banana while you wait?’ Eyram replied and grabbed a banana from the other side of the counter.

Kojo nodded and stretched out his small palms.



Esi turned the instant she heard her door open. The smile on her face faded away when she realized it wasn’t Samuel. 

‘Were you expecting someone else?’ Jake asked after he saw the sudden change in Esi’s facial expression.

‘Even in the hospital, you can’t stay faithful.’ 

‘Hello Jake. Nice to see you too. Where is Kojo?’ Esi responded calmly to Jake’s accusation. 

‘If he were with me, you would see him. And you couldn’t care to ask how I am doing since you aren’t around to cook those meals that are painful to swallow.’

Esi smiled sadly. This wasn’t the kind of conversation she had imagined having with her husband when he finally came to visit

‘How have you been Jake?’ She asked politely. 

Jake sneered and took the seat beside Esi’s bed. She wasn’t making this easy.

‘I’m only here to make sure you get all the medication you need. No one can bear the cost of your funeral.’ Jake responded. 

Jake’s words stung Esi deeply. She felt a painful jab in her heart but remained composed. She wasn’t going to allow him to break her down. She was a strong woman. Esi ignored him and asked;

‘How is Kojo doing please.’

‘He is fine.’ Jake mumbled angrily. Esi was making this so hard. He wanted her to lash out at him too. He wanted her to shout at him so he could feel justified when making love to Eyram. He needed justification for the act he was about to commit.

‘I had a dream..I don’t remember it clearly but please take care of yourself Jake.’ Esi said quirtly.

Jake’s heart missed a beat. Did she know? Had she seen?

‘Are you trying to scare me or what? It’s not working. I didn’t come hear to listen to your miserable warnings.’ He rose abruptly.

‘If this is how you want to entertain me then I am leaving. I had a long day at work.’ Jake walked to the door.

‘I am sorry.’ Esi apologized.

‘Keep your apology!’ Jake snapped back and walked out, banging the ward door to indicate his displeasure.

Esi gazed at the shut door and allowed the tears to flow down her cheeks.


Samuel had finally completed his duties and had just ended his long shift. He headed towards the ward of his favorite patient but was stopped in his tracks when he heard a male voice in Esi’s ward. He reckoned it was her husband.

He wanted so much to walk in on the two but decided against it and turned away with a heavy heart. 

‘I kept my promise Esi.’ He whispered to himself as he walked to his office. He slumped into his office chair and drifted into deep thought. Why was she taking over his mind? Especially since she was a married woman. But he felt she needed him. He wasn’t going anywhere.

Samuel thought of staying back in hopes of seeing Esi but the phone call that came in quickly sent him rushing out of his office towards his car.


Esi sat up waiting for her door to open once again. She knew this time it wouldn’t be one of pain but of relief. But her relief never came. It had been a while since Jake walked off and her tears had dried up.  She contemplated asking the nurse for the whereabouts of Samuel. She didn’t want it to look like she was taking all his attention.

 She picked up the phone beside her bed and called the nurses’ desk. 

‘Madam, do you need a doctor? Are you in any pain?’ One nurse rushed in and asked with concern-laced voice.

‘No please. I want to speak to Dr. Samuel.’ Esi responded rigidly. 

The nurse told her the Doctor’s shift had ended and she had seen him step out of the hospital.

Esi slumped into her bed. 

‘He didn’t keep his promise.’ She threw her cover cloth over her head and forced herself into a sleep to help her forget her pain.


Eyram had been successful. She had fed Kojo, washed him, set Jake’s table and put Kojo to sleep. She sighed loudly as she placed the last saucepan at its designated place in the cabinet. She folded the napkin, took off the apron and walked to the door. She paused when it hit her- she couldn’t leave the young boy all alone in the house.

‘Aaarrgghh!’ She shouted and stomped her feet.

She stood still awhile trying to make a decision. She was torn between leaving Kojo at home and waiting for Jake to return before rushing off. She decided to leave and took a last step to the door but stopped when it flew open.



God bless you for reading

Esi is heartbroken by the absence of Samuel who had promised to return to keep her company.

Jake rushed off from the hospital to get home in time to meet Eyram. It seems Eyram couldn’t meet her target of leaving before Jake returns home.

Or just maybe, Jake wasn’t the one who opened the door.

What do you think? I will love to hear from you.


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  1. Jake is just looking for means to do what is pleasurable to him now. What he doesn’t realize is that he may be loosing Esi to Dr. Samuel. I guess he doesn’t even care about it

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