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Faith Comes By Hearing

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Episode 4

The air condition in the Legacy Bar did not stop Junior from sweating. There was a lot of pressure on him since Antwi had travelled. His head was also filled with voices of many things- the orders of the customers were mixed with the  age old words his mother had hurled at him. He had vivid images of what happened last night- he felt betrayed by his mother. 

The same woman who had condemned him for working at the bar- saying it was the spade his father used to dig his own grave seemed to be dangerously flirting with the same spade. Junior also felt guilty- perhaps he pushed his mother too far by being selfish and not doing what she wanted. With all these feelings and fear lingering within him- it seemed his fate and destiny was already cut out for him- he was just like his father and will end like him. He could not stay stable, he was shivering and it was no surprise when he broke a glass. Without thinking he bent down to pick the broken glass but it pricked him. 

“Let me help you with that…”  Melissa’s voice came in handy. She helped him up and found the first aid. The feel of her hand made his heart race faster than it already was. 

“I should sue that Antwi man for child abuse- leaving you here with all this workload is simply not right.”

“Am no child and I got this.” Junior,  almost intoxicated with Melissa’s perfume managed to say.

“It doesn’t look like that” she said cleaning the sweat off his face and shoulders. Junior’s heart was beating so hard that he could hardly catch his breath. 

“Let me clear the mess here- I’ll come help you with serving soon.” Melissa offered and walked to the storeroom to look for a dust pan. Junior could only thank God for the little break- wondering if he could reorganize his thoughts since all that was there now was Melissa and how she made him feel.


“So you have never tasted Alcohol before?” Melissa asked still in wonder.

Junior laughed, “Yeah.”

“I should really stop coming to your bar- how can you sell something have no idea about.”

Melissa’s wonder was really cracking Junior up, “Oh I have the nose for them. I can tell fiiiine wine from fine wine and their colour also helps.” Junior said shrugging to the doubtful gaze of Melissa.

 “I got eyes for fine things”  he said staring at Melissa. She looked charming under the moonlight. They had been strolling for awhile now- she had been a great help at the bar- everything made him want to be with her in all the ways a man would want to be with a woman. Yet he checked himself- his respect for the two women in his life would not let him implement the lustful thoughts he had. 

“You should be tired and my house is just here- come and just relax for…”

“No I can’t.” Junior cut in quite sharply, Melissa looked at him very amused. 

“Hey!” She said chuckling “I promise- I won’t bite”

Junior also laughed and walked closer to her, “It’s for you that I fear” Junior said patting her head.

“Stop showing off your height- ” Melissa objected pushing his hand away and looking daringly at him said, “Danger is sexy to me”. Junior laughed and decided to make the lady happy.


Melissa poured apple juice into the glass. As she opened the fridge to put back the remainder her heart missed a beat. She had caught sight of the alcoholic drink in the fridge. Melissa wondered if she should mix the drink with the alcohol.  She has been wanting Junior for a long while and really needed to have him tonight now that she had felt his body around her and smelt his perfume- even if it was mixed with a tinge of alcohol that made him even more attractive. The fact that he was determined to play good boy irritated her and also amused her. She finally closed the fridge she’d get him with her charms- that was strong to knock down any man. Junior was a man afterall.


Junior was admiring the small yet tidy apartment. He was proud of this girl for being bold enough to be independent and renting her own apartment- she seemed to have more balls than he did.

“Here is a soft drink for a soft guy” 

Joseph turned to see Melissa holding a tray with a glass filled up with drink- but he was more captivated by her see-through lingerie and what he could see through it. His body responded before he could think. 

“Melissa…” he whispered. Not wanting to delay in making use of this opportunity, Melissa placed the tray on the table and ventured closer to Junior- drew him close and kissed his lips.

Junior’s mind and senses were filled with the feel of Melissa’s soft body and sweet fragrance. It seemed his mother was wrong about the spade he’d use to dig his grave.

To be continued…

By: Abigail Affum


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