Mummy Is Always There…

Ewuresi silently watched as her daughter carefully stepped out of the room with a baby wrapped in white. She couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Her daughter brought so much joy to her heart and made her remember how she had once been young, given birth to three girls and struggled to raise them all. Nana Aba had been the last and most stubborn of the cohort yet after many years she had turned out into a wonderful, courteous lady and now a proud mother.
The thought of motherhood caused Ewuresi to smile even more broadly and rise from her plastic seat. She moved closer to her daughter who was now standing by her husband as he greeted guests who had graced their first daughter’s naming ceremony. Ewuresi knew Nana Aba had barely slept. From the bags under her eyes and her hoarse voice, she knew her daughter was still adjusting to life with her newly born daughter. 

Motherhood wasn’t easy and Nana Aba wasn’t making it any easier on herself. She had refused most of the help offered by her mother and her mother-in-law with the excuse that she needed to learn. Ewuresi knew her daughter was just being stubborn and trying to prove as always that she was in control of the situation. It had only been last night, 10 days after the birth of Afia, that Nana Aba had broken down and wept on her mother’s shoulder. Ewuresi had comforted her and watch her doze off till Afia had cried from her crib and Nana Aba had to go save the day.

Ewuresi stood beside Nana Aba and made an attempt to help her hold little Afia. Nana Aba gladly handed Afia over and sighed loudly as she collapsed into an empty plastic chair below. Ewuresi cuddled Afia and signaled for the guests around to move a bit further as she wanted to speak to her daughter.

‘Tired already?’ Ewuresi asked her daughter.

‘Mummy…I am exhausted. She never stops crying and I can’t sleep!’ Nana Aba exclaimed.

‘It’s too early to be exhausted. You still have a long way to go in bringing this bundle of joy up along with the others you will soon birth.’ Ewuresi continued.

‘Mummy! Stop talking about more babies when I am yet to learn how to handle Afia.’ Nana Aba cried out.

‘Don’t cry… Motherhood is a gift. What was your first reaction when the doctor first placed Afia in your arms?’ Ewuresi asked.

Nana Aba paused to think a while before she answered.

‘Joy, relief and peace…but mostly joy.’

‘You felt joy because you realized God had blessed you with a gift. A gift you will need to cherish till you finally leave the earth. With this gift comes responsibility but the Lord isn’t slack concerning his promises my daughter. If only you allow him to, the Lord will strengthen and give you wisdom to nurture this gift. There will be times it will get tough but God is with you through it all. True mothers avail themselves as vessels to be used in training, correcting, loving and nurturing gifts from God. Before you birthed Afia, you were a mother…’

Nana Aba raised her eye brows in surprise.

‘Yes, you were… You were showing love, training and guiding your Sunday school children.’ Ewuresi answered the question Nana Aba’s expression demanded.

Nana Aba giggled in response.

‘God was preparing you for this. You will be down, you will feel defeated, you will feel drained and weary but once you allow the Lord to be your strength… You will be celebrated. You will be celebrated for looking to God for direction and not giving up even in the toughest times. 

 There will be times God will send people to help but other times He would want you to learn to handle the situation on your own. Embrace both ok?’

Nana Aba nodded her head.

‘Thank you mummy for being there always. I love you.’ Nana Aba said and hugged her mother tightly from the side.


Happy Mother’s Day to all ladies out there!

It’s my prayer that God continues to use you to transform the world through us your children.

You are blessed!




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