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Faith Comes By Hearing

553717.jpgEpisode 2
“You are five minutes late” K. Antwi- Junior’s boss observed as he entered the pub.
“It’s a first.” Junior shrugged and quickly caught on to the duster his boss threw at him.
Antwi shook his head,
” You wish. Get the place ready. I am expecting a full house.”
“You always expect a full house Kay.” Junior said as a matter of fact. He dropped his bag and started dusting.
“It keeps me in business.” Antwi put in with a wry smile.
“No i keep you in business” Junior disagreed. And Antwi would agree to a point- the kid has been very helpful and hardworking. He was proud to have known the father.
“Not when you are five minutes late.” Antwi said as he hit his back and left to his office. Knowing everything will be set when he came out. Antwi’s eyes fell on a framed picture as he sat down. In the picture was Joseph- Junior’s dad and himself. That was taken after they had first opened the bar. He remembered the work they had to do before they opened it. Joseph actually went door to door to announce the opening of the bar. They were both graduates from the university who were tired of waiting for a job. It was Joseph’s idea to start a bar. He felt it will bring the community together. They had great dreams- one day the bar will become a pub then a large restaurant. Joseph was the dreamer and the risk taker. He went for the loan to enlarge the business, all things seemed perfect- He met Serwaa. A beautiful girl from a respectable family, Joseph fell so hard in love with her that he was willing to go all out for her. He wanted to be worthy of her and started extravagant spending. It was at that same time that the bar was broken into. One of their workers died in the robbery. They hit rock bottom, the bank threatened to take the bar as payment for the loan. Serwaa got pregnant out of wedlock….Her parents rejected her. Joseph had to suddenly become a man, husband, and a father. He hit rock bottom, he sought peace in the alcohol instead of him. Antwi sighed, these memories came both day and night. He wished Joseph had waited more and believed more. He wished he was a better friend. Music shook the building and Antwi at the same time. He knew the bar was open- he smiled. It looks like God gave him a second chance with another Joseph.

“It’s almost a full house you know” Junior announced as Antwi joined him to take orders.
“I own this place young boy..”
“But he owns the people.” A sweet voice interrupted Antwi. A voice that made Joseph’s heart race.
“Melissa.” He said beaming with smiles. “Welcome to the legacy bar…” he continued for lack of words.
“Look at you being all so formal. It’s not like this is my first time here too.”
“What will you have?” Junior asked, giving her his full attention.
“All of you- strong and hard.” Melissa said holding Junior with a deadly gaze.
“Junior!” Antwi shouted trying to bring the boy back to the world
“Here take this refill to the table over there.” He ordered.
“He is too young.” Antwi said to Melissa when Junior left. Melissa gave an amused look,
“I mean to say- he is not as exposed as you are. Don’t take advantage of him”
Melissa only laughed, “I only plan on exposing me to him, old man. Stay out of it” she said and left.
Antwi watched her leave and thought of how he would make it remain that way. She was wrong about one thing though- he would not stay out of it.


To be continued…



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