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Faith Comes By Hearing

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Priscilla here… Unfortunately I haven’t been able to post Thorns and Roses today. However, Abigail has began a new series I will like to share with you. The next episode of Thorns and Roses will be posted on Friday. This will not be the case from nextweek though…Thorns and Roses will revert to Wednesday and Faith Comes by Hearing will be posted on Friday.

I apologise for the inconsistency in posting Thorns and Roses. Do enjoy this and don’t forget to give me feedback.

I love you all.

God bless you all



Episode 1
Junior jumped to score his tenth basket. He held on to the rim heaving loud sighs amidst cheers from his team and the opponent team also. That was normal since they were all friends. He let go and hit the ground with a thud sprinkling his salty sweat on the court.

“Herh Junior you do all.”  

“Asey you better pass Lebron seff.”

“Tweaaaa like I go be him ooo… shun the lie you dey lie am”

“Ma boi the guy force, you- you fi bounce ball seff we nor talk…”

Junior just kept looking enjoying the back and forth arguments of his friends but he knew he had to leave- it was 4:30 pm, he had been here since two in the afternoon and since his mother will be home by five he had to leave now. 

“Yo mennerz, I for bounce rydees ooo” he announced as he put the ball in basket for the last time. Amidst cheers and words persuading him to stay for awhile Junior run home.

Running home is something he had been doing since he was very young. It was the number one rule his mother thought him. He was supposed run home right after school, after errands, after Sunday School- no playing with neighbours, area children, no hanging around outside for too long, no nothing or else he would become like the man worse than the devil himself- his own father. His father- mum said he left when he was four- that he was a drunk, irresponsible and many things he was tired of hearing. He knew his mother hated his father- and wanted him to do so too. She had already succeeded in doing that to her son, there was no need persisting with that. Funny enough he carried his father’s name. His mother loathed it but He held on to it as the only responsible thing the father did before leaving.

Junior run downstairs after taking his bath, opened the fridge to see some vegetables from yesterday. He decided to make some quick vegetable stew and boil yam for dinner. He he become the chef of the house from age eleven and after SHS he began taking care of grocery expenses with the little he earned from working at the area’s bar. Thinking about the bar, he knew he was running out of time. He had to be there by six. 

A car horn interrupted his thoughts. It was the one he had been hearing for awhile now. 

“Ma!” He said in response as if the horn was his nickname- peharps it was. He opened the door for the very tired woman. 

“Mtchew….working in the hospital is just stress ooo. What’s the use of giving drugs to people who will die anyway.” Serwaa began oblivious to the cheerful smile her son was offering.

“Ma, supper is served.” Junior said as he drew a chair for her to sit. 

“Mtchew, this is not what I need from you. What I want is for you take over the provision store. In fact that is all you can do since you refuse to go to school. I can’t believe God has chosen to punish me with a son who is just like his father….”

Junior’s ears couldn’t hear anymore, he picked up his bag and walked out.

“Go! Go! Ahead. Go and be like your drunken father” his mother shouted after him. He just kept going, his mother’s words sounded like cheers- peharps he was destined to be like his father. He was so angry he didn’t even take supper. He was angry to tears- but men don’t cry- or do they?

To be continued…

Abigail Affum


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