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Thorns and Roses


Episode 14

The lights went out, leaving Eyram and Jake stuck in the house alone. The generator had refused to start and it was raining heavily, meaning Eyram couldn’t leave. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Esi had woken up, spoken to Dr Sam who happened to be the same man who had given her a lift when Jake had left her stranded. Esi hadn’t stayed up long but had continued to drift off to sleep. Come along and let’s see what happens in this episode…


Esi’s eyes opened with a start. It felt like someone had jabbed her out of her sleep. Her heart was racing and she could feel the sweat roll down her forehead. She consciously loosened her firm grip on the bed sheets and told herself to breathe. Esi couldn’t quite place what had just happened but she knew she had had a dream. What she felt now were the after-effects of the dream.
‘You are awake?’ she was startled by a voice before coming to the full realisation that her ward’s light had been on all this while.

Esi opened her mouth to speak but shut it again, turning her head slowly towards the origin of the voice.

‘I hope I didn’t scare you. You are sweating all over…Is the temperature of the AC too high?’ Dr Samuel continued while stretching out his hand to wipe the sweat off Esi’s face.

Esi shook her head in response.

‘I believe you need a companion, I do too… It’s past 11 pm and today the hospital isn’t as busy.’ Dr Samuel said.

Esi sighed loudly. It wasn’t like she didn’t feel the need to chat, she wanted time to recollect her thoughts and remember what exactly she had been dreaming about to cause such a reaction from her body. It had been long she had had that kind of dream.

‘If you are in no mood to talk I will leave.’ Samuel stood from the seat he had previously pulled and sat on.

‘I am fine. We can talk.’ Esi croaked and cleared her throat.

Samuel smiled broadly and sat again. He seemed relieved about Esi’s agreement. Her liked her. He had liked her from the first day he set his eyes on her before she had even helped to sort out his issue. Seeing her wedding band had hit him a bit hard but he refused to be moved by that. He felt he could still win her over to himself and that was what he was going to do.

‘Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we…My name is Samuel Appiah. Most people call me Sam or Dr Samuel. I am a general practitioner and on the Board of Directors of this hospital.’ Samuel began


Eyram broke away from the hot kiss to catch her breath. She had seen it coming but couldn’t fight it. Jake looked and acted like the man she had always pray about but he was married!

‘I…I..Can…’ She stuttered and pushed Jake off her body. She rose from the couch and adjusted her dress.

‘You can’t what?!’ Jake strained to keep himself from shouting at her.

‘You are married! And you hold a position in the church. I can’t do this!’ Eyram exclaimed in response

Jake held his breath and counted to three before letting it out slowly. She had totally turned him with her sweet, succulent lips and he wasn’t going to stop now. He patted the space on the couch beside him and said;

‘Come and sit.’

Eyram forcefully shook her head and moved a step backwards;

‘This isn’t right, please. The rain has stopped now. I want to go home. Please.’

‘Please come sit beside me Eyram. I won’t touch you. I just want someone…A friend to speak with.’ Jake coaxed.

Eyram dragged her feet towards him and sat at the edge of the couch.

‘If that’s where you want to sit, I am fine with your decision. I just…My marriage is falling apart and…’ Jake began but was rudely interrupted by Eyram.

‘Is that why your wife is in the hospital? Did she break down after you asked for a divorce?’

For a moment Jake was lost. It took him a few seconds to realise Eyram thought his wife had been hospitalised because of a heartbreak in connection with their divorce. He decided to play along. He wasn’t going to let this lovely damsel leave without having a taste of her.

‘Yes…Yes…She broke down because I told her I wanted to file for divorce. You see….Our marriage wasn’t born from love.’ Jake buttered out.

He continued talking and watched Eyram soften her rigid demeanour. She moved closer to him and patted his back as he feigned crying.

‘It’s been so long she and I made love. We stopped after I found out the reason we got married wasn’t even right. Kojo isn’t my child and….’ Jake continued but was halted when Eyram crushed his head against her huge bust.

‘God is in control. He will take you out of this.’ she murmured and rubbed Jake’s head.

Jake grunted and gingerly touched Eyram’s exposed thigh to stroke it. Eyram ignored it. She felt he needed love and she was willing to be there for him.

Eyram shut her mind to her auntie’s warnings about married men. Just this once she was willing to break the code to help this distraught man, just this once.


Eyram slowly opened her eyes because she felt someone staring at her intensely. Jake was propped up on his side, staring at her.

‘You are beautiful and you were amazing.’ He gently stroke her lips.

‘Thank you.’ Eyram replied bluntly and got out of bed. She pulled the covers and wrapped herself.

‘I need to use the bathroom to freshen up. I have to go back home please.’ she said with her back turned to Jake.

‘Eyram? What’s wrong? Did I hurt you? It’s still too early to’s not safe’ Jake stated in a sympathetic voice.

‘No. Show me the bathroom please.’ Eyram insisted.

‘it’s just ahead of you.’ Jake sat up in bed.

Eyram dragged herself to the bathroom and shut the door gently behind her.

She felt used. After staying two years with no sex, Jake had used one night to make all her work feel futile. She wanted to call someone and talk. She knew letting out her issues will help but she remembered her phone was …wait, where was her phone.  She hadn’t even realised when they had moved into the room.

She made a mental note to call Jake’s mum and speak to her. She knew her own mother and aunt would chastise her for falling into the devil’s trap and she wasn’t ready for that. Eyram turned on the shower and watched it flow.

To be continued…

Another episode up. Tell me what you think so far. You can try predicting what will happen next week…Give it a guess.


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