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I Get To Love❤

Episode 5
The Kitchen was cleaned except for the pile of dishes in the sink. They were all tired, nobody voiced out the question of the night- that is,  “Where is daddy?” Nancy was thinking of calling now when Serwaa said, “Jojo said his father’s car is nicer than daddy’s own and i told him that my father is not pregnant like his own.”

That cracked all of them up and made Nancy understand why Serwaa had been waiting for her dad. 

“Well, young lady you are right your daddy is one very handsome man…” Nancy started.

“Am I?” A voice asked.

“Daddy!!!” The kids responded to the voice and rushed to hug Henry with their flour messed up selves. Nancy could only smile thinking of how much she had missed the presence of this handsome man. She listened as the kids summarized their day in  simple words like, 

“Mum came for us. We sang in the car. We made cake. Ma cooked jollof. I told my friend that you don’t have a pregnant stomach” some journalists these kids could be- Nancy thought in amusement. 

“Alright kids. Go get ready for dinner.”  Nancy said finally finding a way to have an alone time with her other half. 

Henry grinned as Nancy walked towards him- he had decided on his way to be full of joy and never weary of doing good. 

“I am handsome?” He asked wryly 

“More than that.” Nancy assured as she took of his coat. “I missed yo…” she began to say but Henry caught the words with a kiss. 

The kiss said all there was to say- ‘I am sorry.’, ‘Thank you’ 

“You seem to have showered in flour.” A happy Henry observed.

“Your children- our children happen to love the feel of flour.” Nancy said chuckling 

“Well, go join them and get ready for dinner i will take care of the rest.” Henry said as He made a way to the kitchen. Nancy was too tired to resist and Henry had already started washing the dishes- she just carried her heart- warmed self away. 
That night after dinner, Henry got the answer to the question he had asked God as he watched the faces of his family who had slept off during a T.V show. 

“Whose side was God on?” 

God was on one side- the side of joy, love and peace. They wandered away once in a while but God does well in drawing them back. 

Nancy also slept with these thoughts swimming in her head- there is no joy in a life rid of responsibilities.  
As Christian we are not called to a life of inactivity but to one of responsibility.  A responsibility to live out the gift of God which is abundant life. The bible tells us not to be weary of doing good, no matter how mundane they become- understanding that in all our acts of worship- *We get  to*  do them. We get to love, to sing to God, to be kind…..we all get to and that’s why it is to be done with gratitude.

Henry and Nancy learnt this- I am learning this, let’s all learn this. 

*We get to learn this*


Abigail Affum


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