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Thorns and Roses

jollofEpisode 13

So this is the story so far….
Jake and Esi are married. They are not a happy couple because Jake is adulterous and Esi is working so hard to keep her sanity in the marriage. After leaving Esi stranded with Kojo, their son, while heading home from church- Esi makes a resolve. She won’t allow her husband’s infidel actions to get to her, she will remain the good wife. Some days after her decision, Esi is rushed to the hospital because of a severe headache and is detained. Jake goes home to ask his mother to assist while Esi is away but she declines and says she will send Eyram, one deacon’s daughter, to come home and help. Read on to find out what happens next…


Jake threw his head back and laughed out loud. Eyram was a beauty with brains and a great sense of humour.
‘You have a wonderful sense of humour.’ Jake blurted out.
Eyram shielded her eyes with her right-hand feigning embarrassment.
‘I try to make everyone around me comfortable.’
‘That’s a great quality.’ He smiled and ogled at her large bust.
‘My wife has been admitted to the hospital so I will need someone to help take care of my son and the house till my wife returns. The doctor said she will be discharged soon though. Jake continued.
‘Sure, your mum explained all that to me.’ Eyram replied.
‘I will start in the kitchen by getting supper ready.’ Eyram rose from her seat.
Jake looked up puzzled;
‘You talk as if you know where the kitchen is.’
‘O, you are going to show me that’s why.’ Eyram playfully grabbed Jake’s arm and tried pulling him out of his chair.
‘Really? And what if I don’t?’ Jake grinned and asked.
Eyram pouted her lower lip and feigned a cry.
‘awww…you are such a baby. Come let me show you the kitchen.’ Jake laughed and lifted himself out of his chair. He led Eyram to the kitchen and showed her where most of the utensils were.
‘So what will we have for supper this evening?’ He leant against the counter and asked.
‘It’s a secret.’ Eyram replied mischievously as she wore one of the kitchen aprons.
Jake raised his eyebrow and nodded his head. He was about to speak up when he heard his phone ring from the hall.
‘Hold that thought…I shall be back.’ He said and rushed to the hall. Without looking at the caller ID he answered.
‘Hello, son…I hope Eyram is around.’ The caller said.
‘Yes mum, she is around. Thanks for getting me the help I need…When will you bring Kojo..’ he started to say.
‘What do you think of her? Is she beautiful?’ His mum coaxed over the line.
‘Yes mum, she is very beautiful…what happens to Kojo?
‘I want you to get to know her more… Kojo will spend the evening at my end.
Jake paused.
‘Mum, Eyram isn’t going to spend the night here. I hope you know that.’
‘Yes, she is. She needs to clean that filthy house of yours. Esi never did you well by marrying you. She…’
‘No mum, Eyram cannot spend the night here. She will cook, we will eat and I will send her home. She can come and continue cleaning the house tomorrow when I have left for work.’ Jake said firmly.
‘Jake…I just want you to know more about her, she has been having some issues you can help.’
‘Mother! I am married for goodness sake!’ Jake exclaimed.
‘So now you remember you are married. After spending almost all your Fridays in strip clubs, you remember today you are married.’
Jake opened his mouth in shock. He thought he had been discrete about all this. How had his mother found out?
‘All that was done outside my matrimonial home, not in it. Eyram won’t stay here this night and that’s final. If she has any other issues, she can speak to you about it.’ Jake said and ended the call.
‘You didn’t show me where the salt was.’ Eyram spoke up from behind him.
Jake almost jumped in fright. He hadn’t expected Eyram to be behind him.
‘I actually scared you?’ Eyram laughed loudly.
‘I thought you were in the kitchen.’ Jake turned and smiled at her.
‘What do you need the salt for anyway.’ Jake placed his hands on his hips like a woman and asked.
‘That’s so gay.’ Eyram replied and giggled.
‘Salt is vital in cooking.’ she continued once she stopped giggling.
‘No it’s not…You need to tell me what you are cooking before you get the salt.’
‘O Kwabena, don’t do that.’ Eyram punched him softly in his stomach causing him to bend over. Jake was surprised she had mentioned his birth name. Only a few people knew he was called Kwabena and Esi was the only one who called him that when she was in a very good mood. It had been ages since Esi called him that.
Jake straightened himself up and asked;
‘How did you know I was called Kwabena?’
Eyram froze. She wasn’t sure if she had taken the right step by calling him Kwabena.’
‘Uh. I ..I ..asked your mum what your birth name was and she told me.’
Jake smiled, ‘I see.’
‘If you don’t like that name I can stop saying it.’ Eyram blurted out.
Jake gently held Eyram’s arm and peered in
‘You look so frightened. Like a small child.’ He let go and laughed loudly.
‘I don’t have a problem with that. I was just wondering who told you.’
Eyram smiled back shyly while looking at her feet.
‘Come let’s go look for salt. I am still waiting for you to tell me what you are cooking though.’ Jake gently grabbed Eyram’s hand and walked back to the kitchen with her.

Esi’s eyelids felt heavy. She struggled to open them.
‘it’s good you are awake now.’ She heard a voice say.
‘My eyes feel heavy.’ She replied in a weak voice.
‘Try and open them. The drugs are wearing off.’ The voice replied. It sounded so familiar.
She forced her eyes open and realised everything looked blur.
‘How are you feeling?’ The voice enquired.
‘Your voice sounds familiar. Who are you?’ Esi replied in a feeble voice.
‘My name is Samuel. I am the doctor on duty. You were brought here this morning complaining of a severe headache.’
‘Samuel…’ Esi turned to the doctor and saw it was the same Samuel that had given her a lift last Sunday.
‘You need to relax. Your vitals are fine though. How is your head?’ The doctor asked.
‘It feels light.’
‘Do you still feel any pain?’
‘No…it just feels li…’ Esi began saying and drifted off to sleep.
‘You will be fine.’ Samuel smiled, recorded something in her patient folder and handed it over to the nurse.
‘Keep an eye on her. When she wakes up inform me.’ Samuel instructed.
‘Yes, doctor.’ The nurse replied.

‘Goodness! You are a wonderful cook!’ Jake exclaimed and gulped his glass of water down.
‘Thank you.’ Eyram replied. She stood up to clear the table by packing the plates they had used.
Eyram had prepared jollof, yam balls, salad and grilled chicken.
‘And you put together this delicacy in less than two hours. You are just something else.’ Jake said.
Suddenly there was a loud clap of thunder and the lights went off.
‘O!’ They both exclaimed.
‘Lemme go and check the generator. There should be some fuel in it.
Jake began rising out of the dining table chair but froze when he heard the sound of the heavy rain beating against the roof.
‘I am sure the rain will stop soon.’ I have to cover myself well before stepping out so I don’t get soaked.’ Making a move towards his room.
‘I wanted to leave as soon as I did the dishes but the rain…’ Eyram said in a timid voice.
‘Don’t worry, it will die down soon. You will need the lights on to do the dishes though.’
‘Yes please.’ Eyram replied.
‘Let me go sort that out for you.’
Eyram nodded and sat in one of the dining hall chairs waiting. She heard the front door open and close. It wasn’t long before it was opened and closed again.
‘The generator is faulty and the rain is no joke,’ Jake stated and sat in one of the chairs in the hall. The dining area and the hall were separated by an arc entrance.
Eyram got out of the dining table chair and walked to sit beside Jake on the couch.
Another loud clap of thunder caused her to cling tight to Jake’s arm and she stayed that way for a while.
Jake felt Eyram’s big soft bust against his arm and gritted his teeth. The weather was cold and the lights were out, having a feel of her won’t be bad he thought to himself.
He moved his around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him.
‘What turns you on?’ He asked in a seductively husky voice.

To be continued…

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