I Get To Love ❤

Episode 4

“Where is daddy” Serwaa asked for like the thirtieth time. Nancy had run out of answers since she has been asking herself the same question for awhile now and she honestly didn’t know what to tell Serwaa and herself.

 “He will be here soon.” Kwame said to his little sister and Nancy felt to her too. Her heart warmed up as she saw the great faith and love that her son seemed to have in Him. 

“What do we do now?” Serwaa said as she clapped her hands, she was covered in flour- actually they were all covered in flour. Cooking with the kids had been like a journey all on its own, it was not fast but they had gone far. “Well now we put the cake in the oven…”

“Then???” The kids choruses

Nancy just stared at their flour messed up adorable self and said, “we wait.”
“You don’t have to ride so fast. Being on time has nothing to do with exceeding the speed limit!” Dr. Oppong screamed out. This was not the first time he was complaining since they started the drive. He spoke about seat belt, the car scent and now his speed. Funny enough Henry was within the speed limit, the only thing that was going really fast was his heartbeat. He called the school and they made him know that the kids were picked up by Nancy- He had not gathered courage to call Nancy. Especially now that he had his boss doing enough screaming into his head. 

“Henry!” Dr. Oppong called. He had been calling for awhile now, it seemed his employee had zoned out for sometime. To him Henry was more like a son than a regular employee- simply because ever since he entered Apex Company he had treated it like his father owned the place. He made many sacrifices for the company and won many projects for it. And the only reward he seemed eager for was good results from the hard work he gave.

“Sorry doc…” Henry said. He was sweating now against the ability of the air condition. He was completely shocked to hear Dr. Oppong laugh, the man only laughed when closing a deal. That was totally new. But he was in for more shocks.

“Oh Henry boy…Don’t mind this old man. I just like to play sometimes.” Dr. Oppong’s jokes could not crack tense Henry up. 

“You know a lot about me already Henry, we have worked on a lot of project together. Have you ever asked yourself why?” Henry was about answering but the old man just want on…

“Because there is something special about you. You came in ready to learn and serve. I knew you will be profitable to me and that’s why I have been quite hard on you.”  

Quite here- was evidently an understatement. 

“Thank you Doctor.” Henry said, hearing words of appreciation truly warmed his heart. 

“Yes Henry. I know this may not be the place but it is definitely the time. See i am not growing younger and neither is my other half. Rita wants us to spend more time together- really she does not get why I am still working, we have enough and more. But it’s not about the money, family is something special that we must all make time for. Their like a perfect gift God handpick for all of us and like all His gift we must enjoy them. I am retiring and my son is already established as a surgeon, apparently we already discussed this and he wants nothing to do with the company. So well, long story short- I will need you to take over when I am done .”  Dr. Oppong finally concluded.
Henry had halted for like about fifteen minutes now in front of the house of his boss. He was humbled by the offer. 

“Boss, I don’t-”

“Joe! You are almost late for supper you know? The car does not feed you also?” A chubby beautiful woman screamed.

“Well, that’s my call. Will listen to what you have to say later.” Dr. Oppong said as he got out of Henry’s car.

It was left with Henry, his car and his many thoughts.

To be continued…


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