Thorns and Roses


Jake paced the corridors of the waiting area in a pensive state. His son, Kojo, had long stopped crying after he realised his father was in no mood for him. Kojo sat quietly in one of the metal seats staring at the floor and swinging his short legs.

The duo had rushed Esi to the hospital about an hour earlier and had been told to wait in the waiting area as the nurses and doctors attended to her. Jake didn’t understand what exactly was happening to Esi. Somewhere during the rushed drive to the hospital, he had thought maybe her reaction was because of an abortion. It sounded silly yet laudable. He didn’t understand what possibly make his wife groan and cry like a baby out of pain.

Finally, the doctor appeared from one end of the hallway. He walked up to Jake and placed his right hand on Jake’s shoulder in a bid to calm him

‘She’ is fine now. She just needs to rest.’ he stated with a smile.

Jake sighed loudly in relief.

‘What was wrong with her?’ he enquired eagerly.

‘We didn’t really see anything but we suspect a migraine.We are yet to do more tests.’ The doctor responded.

Jake nodded his head in response.

‘How long will she be here?’

‘We want to monitor her progress, so about 3 days tops.’

Jake turned to look at his son who had raised his head and was watching the two of them intently. He turned back to the doctor and asked;

‘Can we see her now?’

‘I suggest you go home and come back later in the day.We have put her on some drugs so she needs to rest well.’ The doctor replied.

Jake nodded his head again in agreement. He extended his hand for a handshake.

‘Thank you very much. We will be back in the evening to check up on her.’ Jake paused.

‘May I know your name?’

‘I am Dan…Doctor Dan.’ The doctor replied.

‘Nice to meet you. Thanks again for helping my wife.’

‘You are most welcome.’ Doctor Dab tried and patted Jake’s arm.

Jake smiled at the doctor and turned to Kojo.

‘Let’s go.’ He said as he walked out of the waiting area.

Kojo jumped out of the chair and followed his father, jogging to keep pace with his father’s strides.


‘You need to get a better woman in that house to help take care of the home and …And…Kojo.’ Jake’s mother stuttered.

‘Mummy, I didn’t come looking for another woman. I came to ask for some help since Esi has been admitted to the hospital.’

‘I am too old to help. You need someone with fresh young blood.’ His mother insisted.

Jake was trying hard to hide his frustration. After sitting in his car in the hospital parking lot, he realised it was a few minutes past 7 am and had been confused. He hadn’t been sure of getting Kojo ready and dropping him off at school. Eventually, he had decided to pass by his mother’s place and ask that she assist while Esi was away.

‘When last did you two make love?’ His mother quizzed.

Jake’s response was a look concocting a mixture of surprise, displeasure, and anger.

‘Don’t look at me like that Jake Bradson. When last did the two of you do it?…Such a young couple and already she is depriving you of….You need another woman Jake.’

Jake was confused. He didn’t understand his mother.

‘Mummy, I am married.’ he stated.

‘You are married to someone you don’t love!’ she exclaimed.

‘It doesn’t matter if I love her or not..This is not the time to be talking about such issues mum…I need help in managing Kojo. Will you or will you not assist?’

‘Of course I will…I will send one of the Deacon Ben’s daughter to your house later this evening.’ she responded and smiled mischievously.

Jake shook his head.

‘So what happens to Kojo till Deacon Ben’s daughter appears.’

‘I will take care of him.’ His mother responded.

‘Esi brought all this on herself…It’s the Lord’s way of punishing her for forcing you to marry her. I won’t be surprised if Kojo isn’t yours.’ Jake’s mother rattled on.

‘I am going to call Esi’s mother and inform her.’ Jake replied, ignoring her comment.

‘Keep ignoring me when you know the truth.’ she muttered under her breath and watched her son walk out of the family hall.


Jake had just begun to doze off when he heard the doorbell. He had dragged himself out of bed to the front door where he yawned and stretched.

‘Who is it?’ he asked lazily with his hand on the door handle.

‘Please, it’s Eyram, Deacon Ben’s daughter. Your mother asked that I …’

Jake opened the door and was treated with a pretty lady. All forms of sleep vanished as he took in the beauty that stood before him. She was tall enough for a woman. Her lips, bust and hips were full. He wished he could tell her to do a 360 just so he could analyse her even better but he held himself and allowed his eyes to go back to her smooth even toned face.

‘Come in Eyram. I have been expecting you.’ he made way for her to pass

Eyram walked and felt Jake’s eyes follow her.

Jake shook his head, his mother really knew what he wanted in a woman.

Jake led Eyram to the hall and watched her sit with her legs crossed at her ankles.

‘I don’t remember ever seeing you in church. Have you always been Deacon Ben’s daughter?’ Jake asked with a raised eye brow and his hand cupping his chin.

Eyram laughed and threw her head back lightly. It was at that moment Jake realized she had dimples. His heart skipped a beat and he felt all his blood rush downwards.

‘I have always been my father’s daughter. I just schooled outside a lot. I returned from the states on Sunday evening.

‘Interesting.’ Jake replied and took a seat opposite her. He felt like she had cast a spell on him. She was so beautiful.

‘Your mum asked that I…’

‘Yes…I need some help at home but don’t worry about that. Let’s get to know each other more. Let my get you some juice.’ Jake offered and got out of his seat.
To be continued… 


4 Replies to “Thorns and Roses”

  1. great and inspiring story but please the suspense is too much. can u update us at least twice a week. God bless you. I enjoy all your stories and am blessed.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Bridget, I apologise for that. I used to post everyday last year but my schedule has changed drastically so I am forced to make do with this. Kindly bear with me ok. I will try to lengthen the posts so it helps. Thanks for reading. Please don’t forget to share.


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