I Get To Love ❤


Nancy woke up to the chorus of her children saying, “Daddy made lunch for us! And breakfast”
“Don’t be such show offs…” Henry joked as he pushed a grape into the opened mouth of his wife, “Good morning, it’s 6:30- I have to get the kids to school. Already served your breakfast and got your lunch packed, you could text me what you want for supper…”

“Icecream and cakes” the kids excitedly said. That alerted Nancy’s motherly instincts and she found herself saying, ” I am not serving anyone that for supper”

“But dad says you are tired of cooking for us and…” Kwame began to say when His father cut him out, ” Hey!  Both of you get into the car right now.”

Henry turned to explain to Nancy but she raised her hands to dismiss him- ” So this is your way of putting me on the bad side of my own kids?”

Henry had to sigh- ” I did not say that to them. You know how kids can be- they have a mind of their own….you know I will never say that about you.”

“The only thing I know is you are a horrible husband” Nancy spat out and walked out- leaving Henry in utter fustration and helplessness. This is not what he bargained for, he looked up to the heavens wondering whose side God was on.  He didn’t have time to think of the answer afterall he was now a multi personality.


Nancy couldn’t shake off the extreme weariness she felt within. Why was she so tired? She had not done much today anyway. But she had been feeling like this for a month now- when did it get this way. Her work was not that stressful and it was she who insisted on taking the kids from school. It had always been a thrill to hear them talk about who broke their crayons and who didn’t let them play ampe.  Kwame’s words came back to her giving her the chills…why will he say that? She finally managed to ask herself. The memories started coming slowly to her, she was coming back from the supermarket when she got caught in traffic it had irritated her so much because she had wanted to get home quick and get done with the cooking so she doesn’t miss her favourite T.V series. Things didn’t work as planned and she got home quite late, only to find a broken glass and spilt milk, angry she had said many things including how she couldn’t wait for them to grow up and make their own food as she was already burdened. ‘Burdened’ the word stood out- when did being a mother become that much of a burden- when did she start feeling so used…

“Nancy eeeeiii!” Martha yelled ” what at all are you thinking about?”

“Hmmmm….Martha it’s not easy ooo”

” Eeei sister, how can you even say that? I just dropped Ama to school when I run into your husband- He had brought them to school and your children kept talking about how he made lunch for them. Do you know how many women will be happy if they get to have a man like that in their lives. Oya count your blessings- we the single mothers are not even  talking….” Martha went on and on about many things but Nancy kept thinking about the many things she ‘gets to do and have’ and realised how she has been using obligatory words like, “I have to, I must and it’s brothers” She felt ashamed- she didn’t know how to face Henry and she had called him a horrible husband. What could she do to take back the hurtful words she had spoken to both her husband and children.

” So what about you? How have you been.” Martha asked after having talked about herself enough.

Nancy inhaled, ” I am blessed” she said and she meant it. It was left to let her family know this.
To be continued….


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