I Get To Love❤


Henry made up his mind to leave thirty minutes ahead of his usual closing time. To do this he had to work faster yet with the same efficiency as always. He had to please both his boss and his wife and both were not easy to please. Dr Oppong was the name of his boss- He was a studious businessman and years have not washed away his passion. He demanded same dedication from his workers whom he fondly called partners. ‘Thinking of the devil’ – Dr Oppong walked into Henry’s office- He was a thick tall man with grey hair to honour His old age. “Henry. Here…” he said placing a file in his hands, ” I need you to get this research done for me- the company may take on these new products I want to know all there is to know about them.”

“Yes, Dr When is it due?”

Dr Oppong stared as if to say that the answer was evident and the question unnecessary.

” Today of course.” He said and took long strides out of Henry’s office. Henry kept looking at the 59-year-old giant of a man as he walked out of his office leaving a really heavy weight on him.

“God please make Nancy understand” was all his Spirit seemed to pray.
Nancy had been out of her office for an hour now. She was caught up in traffic again which delayed her plans- but she didn’t dwell on that she made use of her car radio and played some songs to lift her Spirit up. It was so refreshing that it shocked her- making her realise that it had been awhile since she spent time enjoying God’s love and loving Him back. Things were going to be different now- that was her deep resolution. Picking up the kids was quite eventful- they had all sang along with the music that was playing…she had laughed at how they missed the words and they had teased her strained voice. She had to admit it, she had really missed being a mother and could not stop wondering when she stopped.
Henry typed out the last words to conclude the research. He had lost track of time as he made calls, had video conference meeting with men of knowledge in relation to the research, submitted questionnaires to people who could be of help- He will say it simply, he was worn out. He clicked on the print button and his eyes fell on the time- this truly shook him. It was way past the time to pick the kids up and the groceries? Geez, perhaps Nancy was right he was a hor-
” Henry!” A voice broke through his disorganised thoughts. The voice belonged to Dr Oppong

“Uh Doc, I am done with the report…” He said as he clicked it and looked around for a file to place it in.

“What report?” Dr Oppong with a frown on his face. Henry had many ideas on how to keep that frown on forever- He also had many answers he could give like, “Oh that report that just ruined my family old man”
But he knew better and said, “The one about the smoo..” Henry began when,

“Oh, that one. It was just a thought I don’t think we will be needing that now.” Dr Oppong said ignorant of what he had done to the poor heart of Henry💔 and he was not finished-

“what I do need now, is a ride home. My mechanic is being lazy with my car and I cannot be late for dinner. You know how women can be.” He added with a chuckle.

All Henry knew was that his knowledge of how women can be was nothing to laugh about. He also knew that he’d rather be anywhere doing anything than driving Mr Oppong home for dinner. “He was going to politely decline,” he thought to himself.

” Sure boss, no problem.” He heard himself saying and felt like he was actually the horrible husband Nancy had called him. Was he?
To be continued…


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