Thorns and Roses (10)


‘So you intentionally did that?! You intentionally left your wife and son in the middle of nowhere just to see … Just to see…’ Esi stuttered angrily pressing her left hand hard against her chest.

‘Shut up! You caused it!’ Jake retorted and inched closer.

‘Tell me how I caused it.’ Esi replied in an icy cold tone which took Jake by surprise as he had expected a heated comeback.

‘You slept with your boss for the promotion, didn’t you?’

‘You have slept with many women for no particular reason, haven’t you?’ Esi replied in the same voice.

Jake stared at his wife’s frighteningly calm expression. With her arms crossed over her chest and her eyes staring deep at him like they were peering into his very soul, he felt something had broken inside her. A light that had been growing dim had suddenly gone off totally.

‘You…You…’ Jake tried to stutter back in a bid to answer.

‘What do you want from me, Jake? Tell me. You no longer eat my food, you come home drunk to beat and rape me, your son calls you a monster because he has caught you so many times trying to harm me. Is this what you want in life? Is this all you want in a marriage?’

Jake remained silent and still.

‘Your mother detests my very shadow. Nothing I do is ever right in her eyes. So much that I tried reporting your infidel acts to her and she came back with the silliest of responses. Apparently, I pushed you to do all that. I am sorry for pushing you, I am sorry for getting pregnant and not aborting my son, I am sorry for marrying you, I am sorry for getting a legitimate promotion which you don’t believe, I am sorry for being in your way. The truth is if I could turn back the hands of time, I would have but since I can’t I will endure. I am moving to the visitor’s room. I will cook up a story for my son so he doesn’t ask too many questions. I will still cook your meals and do all your wifely duties but I won’t allow you to suck the very life out of me. I am not leaving this marriage because I love God and I love my son. I know my son needs some form of fatherly love as he grows and I will give you the opportunity to do that but please, please apply your God-given wisdom in dealing with my son. I am going to clear the guest room so I can pack out for you.’ Esi sighed and walked out of the kitchen, gently brushing against her husband as he was almost blocking the entrance to the kitchen.

Jake remained in the kitchen staring at the unfinished dishes in the sink. He didn’t know whether to turn and leave the kitchen or to just remain in his position. In the end, he walked into his room, sat on the bed and listened as Esi cleared her stuff from the room.

‘I broke something in her.’ he muttered to himself after Esi finished moving some of her stuff to the visitor’s room.


Esi’s night had been cold and lonely. She had cried so much her head had ached.To make matters worse she longed for the presence of a man to wrap his arms around her and make her feel whole. In spite of all the pain she felt, she had still gone on her knees to pray for her husband and son and didn’t even realise she had dozed off on her knees until a few hours aways later. Esi struggled to get into her bed and rubbed her stiff knees caused from staying in one position for so long.

After getting into bed and covering herself with a cloth, Esi set her phone alarm for 4:00 am. She had intentions of rising early to pray, get breakfast ready and drop off her son at school. She had decided not to allow Jake to drop Kojo at school.

At exactly 4, Esi’s alarm went off. She wasted no time getting out of bed since she knew she had a lot to do before leaving for work. Her first stop was the bathroom where she went to freshen up. By 4:30 am she was done with her quiet time and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for Jake and Kojo. She had settled for oats and omelette for breakfast and macaroni for Jojo’s lunch. Esi prepared enough so she could package a bit for Jake too.

By fifteen minutes past 5, she was done. She coaxed her son out of bed and gave him a good bath because she knew leaving him to perform this task meant he won’t do it well or at all. At 6: 05 am, she was ready to leave the house.

Esi knocked on the bedroom door, stuck her head in and politely informed Jake she was leaving for work with Kojo.

‘I packaged some breakfast and lunch for you just in case you wanted some.’ she finished off and gently shut the door.

Jake’s response had been to remain silent and look intently at her.

He didn’t like this new Esi. She frightened him with her calmness.


Esi’s day had been more than full. She had gotten to work at 7:45 and hadn’t stopped speaking to customers till half past 4. She had unintentionally missed lunch and was starving as she quickly rounded up for the day. She had in mind to go take her packaged meal from the caterers who provided lunch before finally leaving for home. Esi stopped midway packing and remembered she had to see her manager to give a response.

Last night she had made up her mind. She was going to agree to the offer. She had prayed about it and felt it was a good step. Esi knocked on her boss’s door and entered after she heard a response.

‘Good evening Sir.’

‘Hello Esi, please have a seat.’

Esi smiled and sat.

‘My husband and I have agreed that I take the promotion.’ she stated.

Her manager leant back into his chair and smiled broadly.

‘That is wonderful! I already knew you will take up the offer so I informed HR today.’

‘O ok’ Esi responded in surprise.

‘No need to be surprised my dear, this opportunity is rare and you are hard-working.’ Mr Turkson, the manager, sat up straight and placed his arms on his desk.

‘Yes please.’

‘HR informed me they will send you a mail latest by tomorrow so you go for a short internal interview.’ Mr Turkson continued.

‘I am grateful sir.’ Esi rose from her seat.

‘Your husband is blessed to have a gift like you Esi. I know he appreciates you. Greet him for me when you get home ok.’

Esi forced a smile, nodded and walked out of her manager’s office. Once out, she heard her mobile phone ring and quickly rushed to pick it up before it ended. She failed to do so and missed the call.

The missed caller ID registered was Jake’s. Esi arched an elbow in surprise.

To be continued…


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