I Get To Love❤

Hello everyone!,

I know this year has been a bit slow and we apologize. We are picking up steam by starting a new series on Fridays. Abigail Affum (✨💫ABI SERIES💫✨) is the author of this series. We know you will enjoy it! 

Love, Priscilla


Nancy spat out the spoon of rice and stew she had just put in her mouth. It was like she has just eaten salt- “Geez”  she thought when she realised that the table she set for Henry had been cleared. ‘ Did he eat or did he throw it away?’ She asked. And how in the world did she commit such a blunder.  What exactly was she thinking when she was cooking. ‘Oh’, it dawned on her she was angry and shouldn’t she be? Who said it was easy to be working, parenting and married. If Henry thinks of complaining she will let him have a piece of her mind- she was tired and needed a break from all these- ” Have to go to work, have to cook food for the family, have to pick the kids from school” she has had enough of it all.
With that she rose and threw the food into the bin and walked into the room ready to face Henry. He was sitting behind his computer as usual. 

“Welcome back….” Henry said

” Such a welcome I get. You don’t even attempt looking up from that goddess of yours to spit those words at me.” 

Henry sighed. Right now he could really chew on the ‘patience’ fruit of the Spirit.

” Sorry honey, I just have to get this report done and I will be done soon…”

“Oh please don’t give me that-” Nancy cut in. Henry sighed she was most definitely in for a fight and he was not. 

” Do you think you are the only one who has things to do after work? I also have reports and whatever to get done with- but no I have to leave that and take your kids from school, come home and cook…it’s not like you earn billions beyond me- yet I have to take extra shifts when we come home…”

” I will take your extra shifts. You are right, you deserve a break. I am sorry you have been having so much to do. Goodnight.” Henry said and shut down his laptop- He could argue on and on with Nancy but that was not what mattered most to Him. He loved his wife and he will make her happy even if she currently didn’t know what meant happiness to her.

Nancy’s words got stuck in her throat- she wanted to be the one who was right but why didn’t he saying she is right not feel right. She chuckled- what he said seemed to her entertaining enough to want to see. She just hopes for his sake that she doesn’t wake up to see some Maid cooking for her children. Soon, Henry will discover how annoying it is to have to be like her.
To be continued…..


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