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Thorns and Roses (9)

Episode 9


Esi remained silent and tried to think of a way to get a ride home once Jake had dropped them at the bus stop. She knew there was no reason to fight. She scrolled through her contacts trying to decide who to call. She sighed loudly and turned to look out of the window.

‘I can see you are looking through your boyfriend list eh. Considering who to call to come pick you from the bus stop?’ Jake sneered.

Esi ignored him and thought of how they would manage home if they didn’t get anyone to pick them up. She was in three-inch heels and had not carried any flats in anticipation of a scenario like this. She knew her son was hungry and it wouldn’t be long before he started whining and eventually crying about his lack of food.

‘Keep ignoring me.In no time the truth of your diabolical deeds would soon come into the light.’ Jake continued his accusation.

‘Daddy, what does…Di..Di..Di..The big word.’ Kojo stuttered, trying to mention the word his father had used.

‘Shut up!’ His father responded harshly.

‘You don’t need to do that, he just asked for the meaning of the word you used.’ Esi turned from the window.

Jake’s response was to sharply turn to park at the side of the road.

‘Get out of my car!’ He shouted at Esi.

Esi pointed forward towards the road,

‘I thought you said you will drop us off at the bus stop….We still have some way to go before…’

‘I have changed my mind. Get out of my car.’ Jake spat out a reply.

Esi bit her lower lip hard to prevent herself from responding. She opened the door and stepped out. She helped her son out of the car and watched her husband speed off.

Esi opened her bag to pick her phone and call her mother but was disappointed. She realised she must have dropped it in the car while she got out. She squatted Infront of her son who looked confused.

‘I know you are hungry and tired but it will take some time for us to get home ok. Please try and understand and bear with me.’ her eyes were filled with tears. Kojo touched his mum’s face with his small hands and replied;

‘Don’t cry mummy, Jesus loves you too.’ And smiled.

Esi nodded her head, smiled and rose. She held Jojo’s hand and began to walk.


Esi turned the tap off and began washing the plates. She has ensured Kojo was in bed having a nap before she proceeded to the kitchen to clear up. Her mind wandered back to how they had made it home in record time though they had been stranded and she smiled.

Esi and Kojo had not moved too many steps forward when a black sedan pulled up to them. Esi was in no mood to talk to a stranger and had continued walking. A gentleman got out of the car and briskly walked to catch up with mother and son.

‘Mrs. Esi Brandful.’ He called.

Esi turned and dabbed her face with her kerchief. The sun was monstrous. She squinted and shielded her eyes.

The gentleman smiled and replied;

‘O madam, you won’t remember me o. I came to the bank a few weeks ago and you sorted me out so quickly. I am grateful.’ he extended his hand.

Esi didn’t quite understand.

‘How did you know my full name and how did know it was me?’ she demanded.

The gentleman laughed heartedly and shook his head.

‘I understand the sun is really hot and you in no mood for such long talks out here. Lemme drop you off at your destination, please.

‘You haven’t answered my question.’ Esi pulled her son close to her in order to give him some shade.

‘Well, I was very impressed with how swiftly you solved my issue as I have been visiting other branches with no results. I made it a point to never forget your name.’ The gentleman replied.

‘That still doesn’t explain how you identified me from behind.’

‘Mrs. Brandful I mean no harm. Let’s sit and talk in my vehicle. I am not used to this kind of heat please.’ The gentleman pleaded.

Esi hesitated a while but thought of how stranded she was. Maybe it was an answer to her prayer. She lifted her son onto her hip and moved to the gentleman’s car.

‘You haven’t told me your name yet.’ Esi said and stopped abruptly.

‘I am Samuel.’

Esi nodded and kept moving. After making herself comfortable in the back, she turned to Samuel who had begun driving.

‘I didn’t tell you where I was heading to or?’

‘You need to calm down Mrs Brandful. I won’t harm you. I promise.’ Samuel coaxed.

Esi sighed heavily and replied quietly,

‘We are heading to City Estate Houses. House number 5.’

‘Then that’s my next destination.’ Samuel smiled turned and smiled at Esi.

Esi continued staring at the plates in the sink as she thought through what had occurred this afternoon. She had thanked Samuel profusely and had sung praises to God as soon as she entered home.

‘I SAW YOU! YOU DIRTY WOMAN!’ Esi’s train of thoughts was interrupted as she felt a firm grip around her neck which was getting tighter by the second. Her mind was struggling to grasp what was going on.

‘You are hurting…’ she struggled to say.

Jake let go and pounded is fist against his other palm.

‘You’re pushing me Esi! pushing me to do things I vowed never to do!’ He scowled.

Esi coughed hard, trying to catch her breath.

‘What…what is wrong with you?!’

‘I saw you get into the car with that man! I did!’

Esi was shocked. Had Jake intentionally left them in the middle of nowhere just to see what would happen next?

To be continued…


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