We dated. Oh, we did?!!

I personally believe this is worth it. Read and see for yourself.



Exactly the look I had on when an old friend-zoned boo confidently and diabolically decided to increase my ‘ex list’ by a head. Oh! trust me, I have worked so hard to keep this list at the lowest of lows. I had to think of what I did so right.

‘Since we dated, you never visited me at home’………..gbagam!!!!!! this was all I needed to realize I have more exes than are accounted for. Yes, he asked me out when we met and I turned him down with the typical ‘let’s get to know each other better first’. Yes, we have been friends for more than a year. Yes, we hanged out together. Yes, he visited all the time. Yes, he bought me nice stuff and took me out to nice restaurants but no, we never dated. (don’t judge me, i don’t know you like that). I just never said…

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