Relationships · Religion-Christianity

Burning Out


A few days ago I spoke to my friends. I told them about how I felt the youth, myself included, were burning out. We no longer encouraged each other with the word of God. The only things that held our attention and kept us focused for a longer period of time were mainly gossip and entertainment.

I told my friends of how I used to listen to this particular female Pastor who spoke of how her friends encouraged her back in the day. They couldn’t visit without a prayer meeting happening or they stepping out to envagelize.

I feel the youth of today are burning out. Partly their fault, partly not.

We recite Ecclesiastes 12 about remembering our God in the days of our youth like a rhyme. We would prefer to laugh out loud about funny memes on a social media platform than to contribute to a discussion about our relationship with God. It may seem subtle but I know one thing, it’s the seemingly subtle things that destroy relationships.

We have become light that don’t shine.We are allowing ourselves to become blunt weapons. And yet we complain when we pray and ‘starve’ with no results.

Christianity is not just about listening to Christian music and feeling Holy, or about preaching and feeling righteous. We are alive because of two things; to love God and to love our neighbour. Let’s not allow the distractions of this world lead us astray, for nothing has been changed after death. We would still die once, we would still be judged on our works and we would still spend eternity somewhere.

Please let us not burn out, let’s continue to burn on instead. Let’s be youth that have a genuine relationship with God, one that is thriving. Let’s be youth that go out preaching and healing. Let’s sharpen one another as youth- let’s burn on!


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