Thorns and Roses (3)


Episode 3

Esi honked her horn like a lunatic as she rushed to drop Kojo off at school. She didn’t want to think of what awaited her at work.

‘Mummy, come pick me up from school please.’ Kojo turned to his mom. He had been securely strapped in the seat with the seat belt.

Esi took her eyes off the road for a second to look at her son shortly.

‘We have talked about this Kojo, I can’t come for you when you close. Please.’

‘Uncle Kofi doesn’t come early.’ Kojo whined.

‘I will talk to him OK…Please allow me to concentrate on getting you to school.’ Esi replied, making a mental note to speak to the taxi driver who usually picked Kojo up from school.

Kojo nodded his head and looked at his new Nike sneakers with delight.

ESI stole a glance at her son again and saw his expression as he stared at his shoes.

‘Make sure those sneakers come home clean Kojo.’

Kojo turned to his mum and gave her a sly smile. Esi didn’t notice as she was struggling for space in the lane.


‘Mrs. Danielle Esi Brandful… See me in my office after work.’ Her manager said.

Esi could only nod in response. She placed her bag in one drawer and changed to heels. Then she strutted off to the banking hall to take her place behind her desk and serve as a customer service officer.

It wasn’t long before an older gentleman walked up to her.

‘Hello Sir, please take a seat.’ beaming with smiles she rose from her seat and offered the seat in front of her.

‘I need my issue fixed right now…I have taken enough seats in enough branches of your bank.’

Esi continued to smile;

‘I am here to help sir, I am sorry for the inconvenience from the other branches.’ Esi remained standing.

The customer looked at her a while and sat at the edge of his seat.

‘Good morning sir…How can I help you?’

‘I transferred money to my son in the states fourteen days ago and he still hasn’t received it. I have called your contact center so many times and the branch I made the transfer at…. I am so annoyed with those brats!’ The man exclaimed.

‘I am sorry sir… Can you give me details of the transfer so I follow up and see what exactly went wrong?’ Esi offered and picked up her phone to call the department in charge of such transfers.

‘He is Kwabena Osei, he is in Ohio…I sent him a thousand dollars. Here is a copy of the transfer form.’ The gentleman pulled out the paper from his left breast pocket.’

Esi received the blue copy, checked if the details were right and made the call.

Within ten minutes, the issue was solved with a promise of the receiver being credited in twenty-four hours. Mr. Osei was hesitant.

‘I will come here tomorrow.’

‘You wouldn’t need to sir.’ Esi smiled and watched as the gentleman rose from the chair and walked out of the banking hall.


‘Aaahhh!’ Esi sighed out in relief as she pulled off her heels. It had been a long day but she had met the expectations of most of the clients.

‘Esi, manager is calling you.’ Ama, a teller, said as she walked out of the manager’s office. Esi gulped hard and pushed her feet into her flat slippers before heading to her manager’s office.

‘Have a seat Esi.’ the manager offered.

Esi pulled the seat and sat.

‘Today you came in very late, was there a  problem?’ he asked.

Esi sighed loudly and whispered.

‘There was…a…A bit of traffic.’ she stammered

‘I see…’ the manager replied absently as he looked at some documents in front of him.

Esi’s heart throbbed. Was she going to be fired? She knew she had been coming in late for a while now but…

‘ok…there is an opening.’ The manager began once he was done with the documents in front of him.

‘Yes, the branch customer service manager is being promoted to a zonal position. I was asked to recommend someone to fill up that position and I feel you would do marvelously well.’ The manager smiled broadly.

Esi stared at him in confusion. This wasn’t what she had been expecting at all.


‘I know it’s big news. Take your time and digest it. Discuss it with your husband. I just wanted to inform you that I had already recommended you.’

‘Thank you, boss.’ Esi managed to find her voice and reply.

‘You are very much welcome Mrs. Brandful. You can pack up for the day.’

‘Thank you, sir…I am so grateful…’ Esi kept saying as she got out of her chair and walked out of the manager’s office.

Esi walked quickly to her desk to finish up her day’s work and log out. She had to pass by her mother’s place to pick up Kojo before rushing home through Friday’s traffic to prepare supper for Jake. She couldn’t help but smile at such great news.

‘Where is your other shoe?’ Esi asked her son in frustration. She had wanted to spend less than five minutes at her mum’s end but that had gone wrong.

‘Take your time with the boy Esi.’ Her mother coaxed

‘Maa…The traffic in town is bad and it’s Friday too…I have to get food ready for Jake.’ Esi said impatiently.

‘You don’t need to cook, I have some rice and chicken stew here. You can just serve him with it.’

‘That still doesn’t rule out the traffic maa.’ Esi shinned.

‘Calm down…Have a seat and let’s talk.’ her mother coaxed.

‘Not now maa.’ Esi tried arguing.

‘Now!’ Esi’s mother patted the space beside her on the couch. Esi allowed herself to plop down on the couch.

‘How is everything? You look worked out.’ her mother enquired.

‘Everything is fine just stressful.’

Her mother smiled.

‘Kojo says his father is a monster.’

Esi sat up immediately as if pricked by a pin.



To be continued….


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