Faith Like Sharon’s

Sharon raised her left hand and face towards the ceiling with tears running down the side of her eyes. The choir ministering didn’t sound exceptional but their words touched her heart, they spoke to her inner being.

We have overcome

By the blood of the lamb

And the words of our testimony

Everyone, Overcome!

No one really understood her struggle behind the smiles at church. At one point in time, her friends teased her repeatedly for getting so emotional during worship at church. She had constantly smiled it off, refusing to explain her ordeal because she felt they wouldn’t totally understand. The song the choir sang meant a lot to her, it meant she had overcome because Christ had paid the price. She believed it, she received it, she was going to act on it- regardless of how it felt, she had faith!

Most outsiders were of the view that Sharon’s family was perfect.Perfect parents, perfect children, perfect lives. There was however nothing perfect about Sharon’s life. She had grown up watching her father beat and insult her mum. She had grown up to a father who constantly molested her younger siblings and her. Every smile anyone saw from her family members was feigned and had been overly practised for hours behind a mirror. Yet Sharon didn’t worship God with all her heart because she felt she needed to barter for her family’s freedom. Sharon worshipped God because she believed Christ for who He was. She believed she was an overcomer of every pain, sorrow and heartache even if it wasn’t evident. 

In the beginning Sharon had struggled to accept how a supposedly loving father who doubled as the creator of the universe could watch her family’s woes and totally ignore it. Gradually she had come to accept Christ and know that though she wasn’t seeing present changes, God had a plan, God was turning round all her family’s bad for good.

Just last night her father had come home drunk again. Sharon had been seated in the hall with her mother and watched as her father staggered in from the front door. He had moved closer to her mother and lifted an empty beer bottle to smash the frightened lady’s head but had stopped midway and staggered off. Over the night Sharon had replayed the short scene countless times in her head. She could never remember her father stopping midway when in the process of striking her mother. After thinking for long, Sharon had turned to her side around 11pm, mumbled a prayer and slept.


Maybe like Sharon, you are struggling. I woke up with this song replaying in my head and I feel led to tell you this- despite the present times, despite what has happened in the past- you are an overcomer. Your overcoming status is not dependent on your works. Christ overcame that you might overcome.

Don’t give up, speak your testimony!

God bless you!

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