Thorns and Roses (1)

rose-1EPISODE 1

‘Where are you going to?’ Esi asked. Wiping her wet hands on the napkin she picked up from the counter.

Jake turned to his wife, shook his head and walked past the kitchen doorway.

‘I am talking to you, please…I just came from work… I am heating…’ Esi began, walking briskly after her husband who was heading for the front door. She hadn’t changed from her work clothes. After arriving home she had dumped her heels at the entrance and walked into the house barefooted, heading straight for the kitchen.

‘I don’t need your food!’ Jake shouted. He opened the door, stepped out and banged it behind him.

Esi stared at the polished wooden door. A tear trickled down her cheeks but she quickly brushed it away when she heard her son call out to her.


‘Yes darling,…How was your day?’ Esi turned, sniffed and squatted before her four-year-old.

‘Where is dad going to?’ Her son, Kojo, pointed to the door.

Esi forced a smile and replied;

‘Dad is going to get us some drinks for supper.’

‘So we would have to wait for him before we eat?’ The little boy rubbed his tummy and scratched behind his ear.

‘We can eat supper, don’t worry…You can send the drink to school tomorrow. How about that?’ Esi rubbed his head.

Kojo stared into his mum’s eyes.

‘Why are you sad?’

Esi furrowed her brow and broke out into a forced laugh.

‘I am not sad baby, let’s get something to eat. It’s already late.’  She rose and walked with her son to the kitchen.


Esi looked at the ceiling in silence. She hadn’t been able to sleep and Jake hadn’t returned from wherever he went to. It wasn’t long before she heard him bang the front door. Esi cringed. Silently she prayed the noise wouldn’t wake Kojo up.

Jake barged into the room and turned on the lights.

‘It’s late.’ Esi stated.

Jake grunted a response and sat on the bed. He removed his socks and shoes and left them on the floor while he walked up to his closet.

Esi hesitated and held her breath. She wanted to ask more questions and make more comments. She wanted to throw a tantrum yet she held her peace and clenched at the bedsheet instead.

‘I left some food on the table for you.’ Esi said in a shaky voice.

‘Shut up woman! You are making my headache worse. Just sleep!’ Jake exclaimed in response.

Esi pursed her lips and turned to her side. She shut her eyes, trying to will herself to sleep as she knew the next day was going to be a long one.


‘Mummy…Mummy…’ Esi heard her name being called and her arm being tapped. Slowly she opened her eyes to see Kojo;

‘What is it, baby?’ she struggled to say and tried sitting up in bed. She couldn’t see clearly so she stretched out her hand to turn on her bedside lamp.

‘I am scared of the dark.’ Kojo said in a silent voice while staring at his small feet.

‘Did you have a bad dream?’ Esi whispered and carried her son onto her laps.

He nodded his head. Esi’s response was a kiss on his forehead.

‘Put off the light! Can’t you see I was trying to sleep.’ Jake shouted. Mother and son hadn’t noticed when he sat up in bed.

‘And what is he doing here?’

‘He had a bad dream.’ Esi hugged her son and he clung to her. Kojo was obviously shaken by his father’s sudden outburst.

‘We have all had bad dreams…I am still living in one! Tell him to go to bed and fight it!’ Jake bellowed.

‘He’s just four… Can’t he sleep here to…’

Jake jumped out of bed and stared at the two.

‘I need to sleep.I need the lights out. If he had a bad dream, go sleep by him and turn off the bed damn lamp!’

Esi nodded and got out of bed while carrying her son. She quickly wore her slippers and rushed out of the bedroom. Esi heard her husband swear and complain that she hadn’t turned off the lamp before leaving but she ignored it. Kojo had started to cry.

‘Please don’t cry. Mummy will sleep by you tonight.’ she coaxed her son.

‘Is daddy a monster?’ Kojo asked after his mum had tucked him in bed and sat beside him.

‘No honey, he just doesn’t like the light on while he sleeps.’ Esi smiled and replied.

‘I like the light on when I sleep, it’s not scary.’ Kojo reasoned.

‘That’s cos you are a scaredy cat.’ his mum tickled him.

‘I am not!’ He replied, struggling to catch his breath

‘Yes, you are.’ Esi continued tickling her son and stopped after a while to watch him sleep. He was so handsome.

After a while, she realised she needed to sleep so she laid down beside him and turned to face him.

‘Sleep tight honey. Mummy loves you.’

To be continued….

God bless you


(I honestly dunno where this is leading to. All I know is I was bored, I plugged in my earpiece, mumbled some tongues and began writing.)

That was my first thought after typing this out but right now I think I know where it’s headed to. Join us next week Wednesday at the same time.



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