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Red Flag

Naomi sat at the edge of her bed staring at her feet. She was frustrated from thinking too hard. She turned to look at the door to her one bedroom apartment and let out a loud sigh. She was tired. She needed money. Mum’s drugs were running out and Ruth needed money to go back to school. Naomi had been calculating since morning, trying to divide the rest of her savings and her meager salary which was to arrive in a few days. The calculations, no matter how many, had always left her with a negative figure meaning she had to borrow money again!

She run her hand over her hair which had been braided quickly into two large cornrows.
In the process of doing that,she allowed her eyes to scan the room and took in the scene. A medium-sized wardrobe, two plastic chairs, her bed and a wooden table in the far corner which held her hotplate. She had convinced Kofi, the carpenter, to fix a shelf on the wall for free and that held her plates and some ingredients.

She quickly turned her head around when she heard her old fridge jolt loudly in the other corner beside the wardrobe. This old fridge had taught Naomi how God could still work miracles in our days. The appliance was badly deteriorated yet it still worked effectively because Naomi believed God knew she couldn’t afford a newer second-hand one.
Naomi let out another big sigh, picked up her old phone and looked at the screen intently.

Maybe she would call him this time round and he would actually have money to give her- Naomi reasoned to herself. She began punching her boyfriend’s number into the phone but was interrupted by his call which came through with a loud ringtone.
Naomi smiled and answered the call;


‘Hello Naa. Can we go out today?’ The voice at the other end asked.

Kevin, her boyfriend, loved calling her Naa. She could tell from his request that this outing wouldn’t end peacefully. The two of them had just entered into the fifth month of their relationship and Kevin wanted them to take it a notch higher. Their last three dates had ended up in a fight because Kevin had asked for sex and Naomi and refused and run out of the room.

‘I can’t… I need money.’ Naomi replied in a voice that clearly showed she was at her wit’s end.

‘You always need money but you never give in when I need you.’ Kevin retorted.

Naomi allowed her jaw to drop in shock before replying.

‘I have asked for money just twice from you. This is the third time!’ She exclaimed.

‘What at all do you use your salary for? Eh?…look at the slum you live in and that one bedroom apartment you own whose bathroom is a journey away.’ Kevin replied.

‘My mother is sick..and Ruth…’ Naomi began pleading, ignoring Kevin’s earlier comments.

‘Your mother is your responsibility not mine and so is Ruth!’ Kevin replied in a tone of finality.

Naomi paused;

‘You are a very stingy man! Very very! Everytime I have asked for money you give me many excuses… I just need a top up so I can…’

‘Stop talking too much woman…. Let’s go out tonight, have some fun, you give me what I want then I give you some money. How about that?’

‘No….no…I won’t.’ Naomi replied.

‘Then I am sorry.’

‘You are my boyfriend! You are supposed to help me!’ Naomi exclaimed in pain.

‘And you are my girlfriend, how are you helping me?’ Kevin asked.

‘I come over as often as I can to clean and cook for you and…’ Naomi began rattling off.

‘Who said I am talking of the house chores you do…I want your body and not just those acts of service.’

‘We are not married you can’t have my body!’ Naomi shouted.

‘Really?…I see. I would speak to you later then.’ Kevin ended the call.

‘No…wait…’ Naomi tried one last time but heard nothing.

She placed the phone gently beside her and fought back the tears. Suddenly, she remembered what the youth pastor had said at their last meeting;

‘Some red flags in relationships are so evident, I wonder why ladies still torture themselves to stay. The colour red is for danger, as a virtuous woman, pray and open your eyes to red flags. If you see any- run!’

Naomi gritted her teeth, she had felt a thug at her inner man when that word was spoken. She knew what she ought to do. She picked up her phone and redialed Kevin’s number.

‘Have you changed your mind?’ Kevin answered on the first ring.

‘No…I want out.’


‘Let’s break up.’

*** *** *** ***  *** *** *** *** ***

Greetings Lovely readers. Sure you realised we went on a short break but we are back with more inspiring and God-filled content. This year we are taking on a new approach to get you more interested and involved. We hope you join us on this journey.


God Bless You


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