2017 Welcomes You!

Let’s welcome the new year!

2016 with its baggage  must be laid to rest.

Are you ready for a new start?

Are you ready to hit the ground running?
The year 2016 was an eventful one for Priscilla Sherrie Blog. We grew from one and became a team of four who wrote according to the leading of the Holy Spirit subsequently offered the right literature to you. We pray you were blessed. I remember my message to you in the begining of 2016 held many promises and we can boldly say we fulfilled at least eighty percent of what we proposed.

In 2017 we would do more!

We are working frivously to attain that goal! We are leaning and relying on God so we would be filled to pour out his message to you. 

We are engineering a movement, a great one!

This year we are planning a little surprise. It won’t be big yet it would make huge impact. Be expectant!

In 2017 Priscilla Sherrie declares love, greatness and peace in your lives. May you be touched by our posts to draw closer to God, for that’s what we want- to encourage you to drink deep of the word and love God.

Have a lovely year!

We are starting the new year right! 

This is our 200th post! 



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