The Child Who Was Born

Merry Christmas everyone!!!
I know you expected this earlier. Please forgive me for sending it this late. I want to also apologize for our unannounced break after ‘brotherly love’ – we would resume shortly.

 It’s another opportunity for us to celebrate the birth of our Saviour, the reason you and I still enjoy grace and life inspite of our numerous sins.

I saw a couple of people wishing Jesus a Happy Birthday and I know some ‘historians’ who argue that this wasn’t the actual time Jesus was born and the plenty talk of pagan celebrations and practices. You might call me biased due to how I was socialized while growing up but I know one thing, even if today was supposed to be a pagan holiday and we have decided to celebrate Christ, then that’s it.


Because Christ is the ultimate.

I know the day is almost gone but as you spend these holidays, don’t just reflect on the love and birth of Christ, be a living example of this love to others.

God bless you my readers for showing us love throughout the year by reading our posts. 

Have a wonderful time this Christmas and please don’t forget;

Unto us a child is born!

Unto us Salvation was given!!

God bless you


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