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Brotherly Love -Note From The Author

Wow!…. It’s been a journey! You can’t imagine la! (You just kent) I am grateful God was on my side and helped me finish this- I almost gave up at one point when writing. I thank God this is my first full story published on the net, the rest were all hand written in books(lol)
Writing Brotherly Love wasn’t as stressful in the beginning because I had pre-written a couple of episodes down, but as the weeks went by and I had to write new ones, it became a bit difficult. Sometimes I would take my phone or laptop out to write and nothing came to mind.

Eventually, I began drawing inspiration from three Christian songs. I kept them on repeat almost everytime I was writing a new episode, I prayed for guidance to write what God wanted me to write and here we are!!

I must apologise for some missed days while I was drawing to the end of Brotherly love- I have no excuse ( like I won’t even try explaining sef). I am grateful to all those who supported me through this; my Teddy Bear, my mother, my anonymous Blog Manager, Baffy, my friends, Ewuradjoa, Loretta, Obed, Ike…so many names. To my ardent readers, God bless you for believing in me and to Natasha – I finished this one!!! (Lol- she is the only one who would understand).

Expect better stories inspired by my first love- the Holy Spirit- in the coming year. God bless you for reading!

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Brotherly Love

Priscilla Sherrie


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