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Brotherly Love (II)- Episode 50- SEASON FINALE


‘What?!’ They all exclaimed at the same time.

‘Andrea is awake. But you can’t see her now. We need to be sure everything is fine with her first.’ Dr Agbo continued.

‘How long will that take?’ Lydia asked eargely.

‘Roughly an hour.’ Dr Agbo replied, he too was excited. He carefully analyzed the extra individuals in Samuel’s room and concluded there had been some sort of reunion from the peace her felt in his spirit.

‘How are you feeling this afternoon.’ Dr. Agbo asked Samuel who was slowly walking back to his bed aided by Lydia.

‘I believe I am healed.’ Samuel replied with a smile.

‘That’s awesome news.’ Dr. Agbo replied with a fist in the air.

‘What’s Andrea’s current condition?’ Lydia interrupted. 

‘Is anything broken? Does she remember everything?’ Lydia continued with her questions.

‘She is fine…she doesn’t seem to remember how she got here though…’ Dr. Agbo replied.

‘What do you mean she doesn’t remember… Has she lost her memory?’ Samuel asked with a changed countenance. Nana remained silent watching and listening to the conversation.

‘The last she remembers, you missed her birthday party..but not to worry…sometimes these things happen…she would recover her memory.’ Dr. Agbo reassured them.

‘In the meantime please don’t stress her up when you see her and keep it short. She needs to rest. I will come get you when she is ready.’ Dr. Agbo continued.

‘Let’s pray.’ Naa said. Everyone in the room bowed their head.

***  ***

Andrea watched her family file into her ward with a beautiful lady she couldn’t identify. She tittles her head to the left and smiled;

‘Hi! Why do you all look so scared? And what happened to your hand dad? Was it because of this you couldn’t come for my birthday?’ Andrea had spotted some plaster on her dad’s hand.

Lydia broke away from the huddle to hug her daughter. She feared to sit beside her just in case she caused pain to Andrea.

‘Mum…don’t be angry at dad..he had an accident.. Ok’ Andrea continued.

‘Ok.’ Lydia replied with tears in her eyes.

‘Nana!!! Won’t you come closer!’ Andrea shouted with her usual enthusiasm. Nana hesitated and looked at his father and mother who nodded their approval. He walked clsoer to Andrea’s bed and held her left hand.

‘Wassup?’ He asked weakily and in a shaky voice.

Andrea threw her head back and laughed, warming everyone’s heart.

‘Who is she?’ Andrea pointed at Naa and asked after recovering from her bout of laughter.

‘That’s Auntie Naa…my good friend from long ago.’ Lydia replied.

Naa smiled broadly and also moved closer.

‘Hello Auntie Naa…my name is Rea.’ Andrea waved. 

‘Hello Rea.’ Naa replied, joyful Andrea was up.

Samuel had been watching everything unfold, he moved closer to the edge of Andrea’s bed, cleared his throat and spoke;

‘We might not know tomorrow, we made mistakes yesterday but we all met God along the way from yesterday till today and we are assured of one thing- God is waiting for us in tomorrow. We thought this family was beyond repair but God gave us strength and grace to forgive each other, it is Him who is going to give us even more strength and grace to take each day, hour, minute, and second with Him- a step at a time. We won’t understand why Andrea can’t…’ He paused and cleared his throat.

‘…but we give thanks because He said in all things…we must give thanks. Let’s trust God, as a family and as individuals…God had a plan…it may have been bizarre but he is working it out.’

Everyone remained quiet for a while, processing Samuel’s heart felt speech.

‘Dad?’ Andrea broke the silence.

‘Yes honey.’

‘I think you should be a pastor.’

They all broke out into loud laughter.

Dr. Agbo poked his head through the doorway and asked;

‘What’s funny?’

‘My daughter just prophesied to me.’ Samuel replied with a smile.

‘Really?’ Dr. Agbo let himself into the ward and shut the door firmly.

‘I am now Pastor Samuel.’

Dr. Agbo’s response was a heartfelt loud laugh.

‘We thank God.’

The End


God bless you


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