Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 49


The nurse led the trio to Samuel’s ward door and told them to wait outside as she entered to speak to him.

‘You have some visitors here please.’

Samuel looked puzzled, he hadn’t been expecting any visitors. The only person he had requested to see was Dr. Agbo and he wasn’t a visitor.

‘Visitors?’ He asked.

‘Yes please… Two ladies and a gentleman…actually …it was just the two ladies in the beginning and the gentleman joined them.’ The nurse continued.

‘I see…’ He replied thoughtfully.

‘I could tell them to leave if you don’t want to see them.’ The nurse chipped in as she waited for Samuel’s response.

‘Don’t worry…let them in please.’

The nurse turned around and opened the door, motioning for the trio to enter. Samuel opened his eyes widely as he watched Lydia, Naa and Nana walk into his ward.The nurse quickly stepped out, shutting the door behind her.

***  ***

Dr. Agbo let out a slight yawn as he parked into his lot at the doctor’s car park. The night had been long- from praying past midnight with Nana to getting home late and continuing in prayer till 6 am- he had had little sleep.

He sighed and got out of the car. Consciously he began drawing up what he would do in the next few minutes and decided to pay a visit to Andrea to see her progress thus far. Locking his car, he walked towards the hospital wing that housed Andrea’s ward.

***  ***

The tension in the  room was great- no one spoke. Samuel kept staring at the trio and they in turn kept staring at the floor. Lydia was the first to break the silence;

‘I am sorry…please forgive me.’ Kneeling before Samuel’s bed. Nana and Naa quickly followed suite.

Samuel kept looking at them, he was short for words.

‘I know I hurt you…I know I said many things…I know I blamed you…but please find it in your heart to forgive me…please’ Lydia pleaded.

Samuel remained silent.

‘I am sorry for betraying you daddy.’ Nana interjected in a low voice.

Samuel was overwhelmed with emotions. In all the years he had been married to Lydia, he could count how many times she had apologized, and she had never knelt before him. He sighed loudly and remained silent.

He was confused, his dream had directed him to forgive his children but now his ex-wife was on her knees apologizing.

‘Please say something…please… I know it’s my fault that all this happened… It’s my fault the children…they….it’s all my fault…please forgive me.’ Lydia pleaded desperately.

‘It’s not your fault Lydia…’ Samuel replied and tried sitting up in his bed.

‘Please get up…all of you…please.’

***  ***

‘Where am I? Where is my mum?’ Andrea asked weakly, startling Dr. Agbo in the process. He had been checking her vitals to be sure she was stable.

‘Wow…it’s good you are awake.’ He said with a broad reassuring smile.

Andrea looked at him blankly and asked again;

‘Where am I?’

‘You are safe…don’t worry…and your family is safe too…I will bring them to come see you soon.’ Dr. Agbo replied. He noted the time Andrea woke up in her patient booklet as he had been holding it. He placed his stethoscope on her chest and began asking questions;

‘What is the last thing you remember?’

‘I….it’s not clear…my party…my father didn’t come for my birthday party.’ She stuttered.

‘Is that the last thing you remember?’ Dr Agbo asked, looking at her pupils.

‘Yeah…I was angry…mummy was angry…. And…Nana…’ She paused and scowled. Dr. Agbo’s heart missed a beat.

‘Nana wasn’t happy about everything but he was consoling me.’ She continued.

‘I see…so you don’t remember how you got here?’

‘No…my head hurts slightly… What happened..why am I here?’ Andrea asked

‘You just came in for a check up…’ Dr. Agbo replied.


‘Lemme run a few tests and get your family to come in and see you ok.’

Andrea smiled weakly in response.

Dr. Agbo thanked God he had left a note instructing Nana to come to the hospital at 3pm- he hoped Nana saw it and actually obeyed the instruction.

***  ***

‘I have forgiven you Lydia and Nana and Andrea.’ Samuel said with a bright smile.

Lydia still stood at where she had knelt, with tears running down her cheeks.

Samuel struggled out of bed and slowly walked towards Lydia. He opened his arms and hugged Lydia, weeping loudly like a child. After a while he pulled Nana into the hug.

Naa stood back and brought her palms together as if to pray. Her eyes were glazed with tears but her heart was filled with joy at seeing how God had turned yesterday’s mess around.

Their emotional moment was interrupted by Dr. Agbo who budged in. Dr. Agbo had quickly left Andrea’s ward and instructed the nurses to get the lab personnel to run some tests on Andrea. He had run from Andrea’s ward to Samuel’s to give him the good news.

‘Andrea is awake.’ He announced.
To be continued…


God bless you


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