Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 48

Lydia let out a loud laugh in relief- it felt great to laugh. She felt light and relieved. She laughed again as she struggled out of bed to go grab the tray from Abu who was clearly confused by Lydia’s laughter.

‘Thank you for being so thoughtful Abu, God bless you.’ Lydia carried the tray to her dressing mirror table while Abu turned and walked away.

Naa Sat quietly in the bed, obviously still recovering from Lydia’s statement before their prayer. The prayer had worked for Lydia as she seemed more peaceful this morning but it had done nothing to the pain Naa still felt in her heart from being reminded she was childless. She quietly watched as Lydia poured out some hot water into a mug but had her vision blurred from the build up of tears in her eyes.

Naa didn’t see or realize Lydia had come to sit beside her till her friend spoke up;

‘I am sorry I said…I said what I said last night. It wasn’t fair nor right…here you are away from your husband trying to help sort out my family issue and the only way I can say thank you is by reminding you of your pain…’ Lydia sighed loudly indicating the rest of her speech was going to pull a lot of strength and make her let go of the brief joy she had experienced from the fear of Abu’s clutter.

‘My son and daughter were having sex…yes..the thought still hurts…it makes me realize and see how I wasn’t there for them…it pushes my flaws in parenting in my face.. And makes me realize opting for divorce might not have been a great idea…but after yesterday’s prayer…I literally heard the Lord ask me to forgive my children and start afresh… To go back to my husband and be a responsible parent… It will take time…but he told me he has strengthened me… I am sorry for saying that to you Naa…I know God would bless you with children and give you wisdom to teach them as they grow…Please forgive me…please.’

Naa burst out into loud tears and allowed Lydia to hug her.

‘I forgive you.’ She said in a weak voice.

***  ***

Nana had spent the rest of the morning loitering around his room in search of his car keys or money that would help him get to the hospital by three PM as directed in the note from Dr. Agbo. He intended to get to the hospital earlier so he could go see his father and ask for forgiveness. Nana believed he needed his father to forgive him first so both of them could get his mum and Andrea to do same.

Finally, after about an hour of searching, pausing and praying- he found money in the left back pocket of his trousers and smiled.

‘At last!’

He took the money out, placed it on the dressing mirror table and headed to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the hospital.

***  ***

The light hurt Samuel’s eyes making it difficult to open them and look around. He needed to  urgently speak to Dr. Agbo about Lydia. Painfully he turned his head toward his ward door in search of a nurse. It didn’t take long for Nurse Serwah to walk and break out into a cheerful open smile  seeing her patient was awake.

‘It’s good to see you are up, how are you feeling?’ She enquired.

Samuel smiled weakly;

‘I am ok….can I see Dr. Agbo?’

Serwah smiled back and replied;

‘He isn’t in yet but I am sure he would pass by as soon as he arrives.’

‘Please tell him I need to see and speak to him ok.’ Samuel said.

‘I definitely would…lemme check your vitals.’

Samuel nodded slowly.

***  ***

Naa and Lydia walked into the Military hospital’s OPD with a different gaite from the day before. They approached the nurses at the counter and smiled brightly.

‘We came here to see Samuel Antwi.’ Naa said boldly.

All three nurses nodded and told them to take a seat. Naa smiled and led her friend to a seat to wait. It hasn’t taken long for the events at the cafeteria the day before to spread. The nurses behind the counter had heard a different rendition of what had occurred and quickly began to gossip as soon as Lydia and Naa were out of earshot. Nurse Serwah had to return from checking vitals to prompt them to continue working before they broke away to their individual duties.

In the moment when Lydia and Naa sat and waited,Nana entered the OPD, spotted them and lost his peaceful conternance. His plan was to go see his father first and not his mum. He began to turn slowly but held himself back, took a deep breath and walked to his mum. Nana stood towering over his mum and Lydia but soon went on his knees with his head bowed.

Lydia hadn’t expected to meet her son at the hospital. She had thought of calling him after she had seen and spoken to Samuel and was taken aback when he stood in front of them and went on his knees. She turned to look at Naa who also wore a very surprised look on her face.

‘I am sorry mummy…even if you will hate me for the rest of your life… Please forgive me so I am rest assured.’

Lydia could hear the total regret in her son’s voice. She had no strength left in her to hate him.

‘Nana…’ Lydia began.

‘I really need you to forgive me…I can’t live the rest of my life like this…’

Lydia’s eyes were filled with tears.

‘I forgive you…Christ forgave me…How can I not forgive my son…it’s hard…it hurts…I might slip and get angry at you but I ask God to give me strength to forgive you each day and forgive myself too. Get up please.’ Lydia replied and tried pulling her son up from his knees.

‘Are you sure?’ Nana asked in a broken voice, he was being choked by tears.


Nana pulled himself up from the floor and hugged the two women. The nurses at the counter sneered at each other after watching the whole scene before one shouted in a nasal high pitched voice;

‘Samuel Antwi’s visitors please follow me.’

The trio broke away from their group hug and watched the nurse come out from behind the counter. They followed her as she walked down the corridor.
To be continued…


God bless you


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