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Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 47


‘You are up already?…I just walked out and…’ Naa ignored her friend’s statement.

‘I saw the signs Naa…and I always got infuriated when I caught them…but..but I didn’t want to believe it was that so I shut my mind to that option… How? How could they betray me like this Naa.’ Lydia cried out.

Naa walked up to the bed side slowly and sat down. She was at a loss for words.

‘I always blamed Samuel…I always thought he was the cause but now I see I caused it…I caused all this.’ Naa continued in pain.

‘Lydia, you don’t need to do this to yourself…you need to rest.’ Naa tried convincing her friend to get back to bed.

‘No, please let me talk…I want to talk…it would help…I feel like I am carrying the sorrows of the world.’ Lydia pleaded.

Naa remained silent and placed her hand over her friend’s, in a bid to reassure her.

‘I wasn’t the mother my children needed. I never made time for them. I remember twice Andrea approached me, she wanted to talk and I never made time for her. I pushed her to Nana…what if she wanted to tell me Nana had been touching her wrongly… or …or..that she was beginning to develop feelings for her brother…would things have been different?’ Lydia turned to face her friend with teary eyes.

Though it was dark, Naa could see from the reflection of the light outside against Lydia’s face. She could see her friend was in pain yet she had no solution.

‘My heart has been pulled out Naa…I can see it…First I lost my husband and then my children…I can’t.’ Lydia shook her head.

‘Yes you can…you can pull through this…and you haven’t lost anyone or anybody.’ Naa coaxed, she had finally found her voice.

‘I…I..I…don’t understand what you are saying’ Lydia replied and tried wiping her face with the back of her hand.

‘God can restore this…He can.’ Naa said and nodded her head enthusiastically to convince her friend.

‘No…God can’t help with this.. He won’t.’ Lydia retorted.

‘Why do you think he can’t?’ Naa asked.

‘Cos I can’t help this…even I can’t change this!’ Lydia exclaimed.

‘You are not God Lydia,you are very limited- more limited than you think in trying to totally grasp this situation.’

‘I dony think He can fix this…I don’t think He can make me forget…I want to forget I ever heard this…I want to forget such an abominable act happened between my children…I want to forget my husband and I got divorced…I want to forget everything.’ Lydia pleaded.

Naa let out air slowly and replied;

‘Please let’s pray.’

‘I don’t want to pray! I want a solution! We have prayed the whole afternoon! Yet I still feel the pain! …the pain in my heart!’ Lydia shouted and hit her chest hard.

‘I know, I know but…’ Naa tried to speak.

‘You don’t know anything Naa! You dont! You don’t understand! You don’t have children!’ Lydia screamed.

Naa remained frozen as the last statement sank into her very soul- she felt wounded. She remains silent and felt the tears stream  down her cheeks.

‘Maybe I don’t understand… I never would but God would.’ Naa replied quietly.

Lydia turned to look at her friend,

‘I am sorry….please forgive me…please.’

‘Don’t worry…I am fine…let’s pray.’ Naa sniffed hard and pulled Lydia’s hand.

***  ***

Nana woke up with a start, it took a while for him to take in his surroundings and understand where he was and why. He looked around slowly and spotted a sticky note on the old dressing mirror to one side of the bed. He got out of bed, rubbed his eyes and walked up to the note. Dr. Agbo had scrawled something on it however Nana could barely read and fished out only the words;

‘hospital @ 3pm.’

His eyes roamed the room in search of a wall clock but found none. Nana looked back at the dressing table and found his phone which had been put in airplane mode. The time showed it was half past 10am. He remembered Dr. Agbo had prayed for him deep into the night and had anointed him too. He had literally felt a heavy burden being lifted off his shoulders after he gave his life to Christ.

Nana hadn’t realized he had been unconsciously scrolling through his contacts till his eyes fell on his mothers number, immediately he began to tear up.
***  ***

Lydia and Naa hadn’t realized they had both fallen asleep till they woke up to noise in the house. It sounded like someone was walking around the house in search of something.

The sleep had immediately vanished from their eyes as they stared intently at the door. The noise seemed to be coming closer. Finally the door flew open and there stood Abu with a tray.


‘Gateman!’ Both ladies shouted at once in relief.

Abu was taken aback;

‘I was just trying to get you breakfast since last night…’ He left his statement hanging.
To be continued…


God bless you


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