Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 46

Changing Tides

Naa collapsed into the sofa in the hall. She wished she could go home and be in the arms of her husband but she knew that couldn’t happen now. Calming Lydia had been a bit rough but she had pulled through and eventually convinced Lydia everything would be fine. Naa had ordered Abu to get the meal she had set up on the table along with the pills. Lydia had barely eaten before laying in bed. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep but Naa wouldn’t budge. She needed to be sure Lydia was fully asleep before leaving her alone- she couldn’t deal with another locked-door scenario.
Naa’s phone rang and jolted her out of thoughts.

‘Hello?’ She answered.

‘I haven’t heard from you today? Is anything the matter?’ Her husband asked.

Naa sighed loudly and began rattling off the events of the day to her husband who remained silent over the phone till she was done.

‘So where is Lydia’s son?’

‘Hmm…I honestly dunno..we left him at the hospital’s parking lot with Doctor Agbo.’ Naa answered.

‘I think you need to call him and find out how he is faring. He is young and naive.’

‘I don’t want to.’ Naa stated.

‘Naa… I understand but you need to be light. You don’t need to judge this young boy. He needs Christ, not people pointing fingers and scorning at him.’ Her husband coaxed.

‘How could he sleep with his own sister…how?…isn’t there any natural form of…’

‘Naa…stop…don’t think about it… Just call him…please and pray for him.’ Her husband interjected.

‘Yes please.’

‘Will you be able to come home tonight?’ He asked.

‘No…I doubt…I need to keep an eye on Lydia.’

‘I understand. Take care then.’

‘Thanks honey.’ Naa replied.

‘Please call him.’

‘I will.’ With that Naa ended the call.
***  ***

Dr. Agbo had driven Nana to a guest house not too far from his house. He had entered, paid for a room and led Nana in. Nana seemed to be in emotional turmoil and had remained at the entrance staring into the room even after Dr. Agbo had invited him in. Dr. Agbo’s heart went out to him, he saw the young boy Nana was and not the façade of a young man he had been hiding behind.

Dr. Agbo rose from the bed and walked up to Nana, who remained at the doorway. He pulled Nana gently into the room and shut the door.

‘My mother hates me. My father too. My sister is half dead. Is there a reason to continue living?’ Nana turned to ask Dr. Agbo who was standing to his right.

‘There might not be reason to live if you keep looking up to other humans…but there is a reason to live when you look up to God.’ Dr Agbo replied.

‘Why do you keep talking about God…I have no hope in God… This situation is hopeless.’ Nana said in frustration.

‘It looks hopeless to you because you are looking at it through your own eyes not through the eyes of grace…not through the eyes of love…definitely not through the eyes of God.’ Dr. Agbo coaxed.

‘Why do you seem so calm? Why?…. My mum wanted to murder me on sight but you…you kept telling me to leave…you and my mum’s friend…it’s like you wanted to give me a second chance that my mum wasn’t willing to.’

‘Come…let’s take a seat and talk.’ Dr. Agbo pointed at the bed.

‘Truthfully… Left to me..I wouldn’t be calm about this whole situation but I have God and I have come to understand a bit of God’s grace.’

Nana remained silent and stared at the floor.

‘I am no better for I fall short in many ways…it may not seem as severe as yours but sin is sin and Christ died that we might be freed from the limitations of sin.’

‘I tried..I tried stopping…but it..’ Nana said silently. He clutched at the bedding with his palm.

Dr. Agbo rubbed his back and spoke up;

‘The only solution to this problem is Jesus…you need Him more than you realize.’

‘How would Jesus solve this? Would he reverse time? Would he make my parents a couple again? How exactly please…tell me.’ Nana pleaded.

‘No…He won’t reverse it but he will give you grace to forgive yourself, he will give your family grace to move on…He will turn this mess into a message, into a testimony to encourage others who are suffering this canker silently.’

Nana remained silent, obviously processing all the Dr. had spoken.

‘I tried committing suicide…just before I came back to look for Andrea….I felt ending it all would be the best…I didn’t even know my mum knew at that time.’ Nana sighed loudly.

‘My heart is heavy…it’s been feeling heavy since all this began with my sister but there was no one to speak with…no one to talk to…’ Nana continued.

Dr. Agbo remained silent and began murmuring a prayer. He didn’t realize when Nana got on his knees and turned to face him till Nana spoke up;

‘Lead me to Him…I don’t want to die…I want to…no…I want Him to fix this…You said He can make a message out of this…. I want Him to do same…please.’

A tear rolled down Dr. Agbo’s cheek, he felt the lure sincerity in Nana’s words and voice.

***  ***

Naa tried calling Nana’s line a third time but the operator said it couldn’t be reached one more time. She let the phone drop in the sofa and stood up to walk back to Lydia’s room.

She found Lydia sitting on her bed in the dark.

‘I saw the signs.’ Lydia said to Naa.
To be continued…


God bless you


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