Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 45

Nana had run all the way to the car, stopped and leaned his back against it. His panting was not from the distance but from the flood of different emotions he felt. He hit his chest twice and gave out a loud cry and fell to his knees in tears. The pain from the gravels against his knees was nothing compared to what he felt in his heart. Was there no way to end all this?

From a distance Lydia could be seen walking briskly towards the OPD but upon spotting her son against the car, she changed routes. Dr. Agbo and Naa tried holding her back in vain. She rushed to her son’s side and stopped suddenly while Dr. Agbo and Naa approached cautiously.

Lydia fell on her knees before her son and held his shoulders with her hands.

‘Why did you do it? Why? Why?’ She struggled to say in between sobs.

‘I am sorry. I have…I have no excuse or reason…I’ Nana stuttered through the tears.

‘Don’t talk…please…my heart hurts right now…I trusted you Nana…I trusted you to take care of your sister in my absence….why?…why would you even do this?’ Lydia whispered loudly to her son.

Nana moved his mother’s hands from his shoulders and held them.

‘No…this is a dream… I need to wake up.’ Lydia pulled her hands from his soft grip and struggled to get off her knees. Dr Agbo and Naa quickly came to her aid. Lydia turned to Naa and said in a strained voice- she had stopped crying.

‘I want to go home…take me home please.’

Naa held her friend by the waist and led her to their car leaving Nana sobbing loudly.

Dr. Agbo watched the two ladies walk away slowly and turned to the boy who was still on his knees. Dr. Agbo realized Nana couldn’t go home today, his mum needed space to clear her head. Dr. Agbo knelt before Nana and took his hands.

‘Hope isn’t lost. Get up please.’ Nana looked up tearfully and stated;

‘It’s my fault. I denied it for so long…blamed my mum and everyone else but I realize it’s all my fault.’

‘This isn’t the time to blame anyone. Let me help you up so I take you to a hotel to rest. Your mother needs some time for herself.’

Nana nodded in reply and got off his knees with Dr. Agbo’s help.
***  ***

The drive home had been slow and silent. Naa had tried turning on the radio but Lydia had insisted it be put off and sat with her eyes shut and head resting on the head rest. She had uttered no other word on the journey home apart from the instruction to turn off the radio.

The two ladies had arrived home safely with Abu opening the gate seconds after Naa had blown the horn. He had looked in the faces of the two ladies as they got out of the car, expecting to see a joyous expression to indicate Andrea had been found yet their faces had been sullen. Abu rushed to Naa’s side to try to help with her bags and she gladly accepted with a weak smile. She was too drained to be bothered at the moment. Naa shifted her attention to her friend and moved closer to Lydia to help her into the house. Lydia agreed by giving Naa her hand. After entering the hall, Lydia plopped into the sofa and weakly patted the space beside her. Naa understood what her friend was trying to convey and sat beside her.

‘I need some pain killers please…my head feels like it’s from another world. Please call my office and tell them I am taking a 10 day leave for personal reasons, my secretary’s number is on my phone. And please get me something to eat… I think I am hungry.’ Lydia whispered, all strength had eluded her.

Naa nodded and replied;

‘Just take a short shower, I will be done by the time you are done.’

Lydia looked into her friend’s face a while before getting out of the sofa to head towards her room.
***  ***

It had been almost thirty minutes and Naa sat at the dinning table waiting for Lydia to come out. She had gotten a pack of pain killers from her bag, called Lydia’s secretary and prepared some beverage and toasted bread for Lydia since she hadn’t eaten much the whole day.

Suddenly Naa felt a prompting in her spirit to go check up on Lydia so she got out of her chair and headed towards Lydia’s room. She tried opening the door and realized it had been locked from inside- her heart missed a beat.

She hit the door hard, shouted Lydia’s name and waited for a response but heard none. In panic Naa rushed outside to call Abu.Standing at the main door to the house, she shouted;

‘Gateman! Gateman!…please come! Hurry up!’

Abu heard the anguish in her voice and rushed to her aid. Naa quickly led him to Lydia’s door.

‘Open this door please… I mean..break it!’

Abu looked at Naa in surprise;

‘This is my madam’s bedroom door…I just…’

‘Do it now! Your madam may be dead in there!’ Naa exclaimed.

Abu needed no more explanation, he pushed his full weight against the door but it yielded nothing.

‘Don’t you have a spare key or something?’ Naa shouted in panic, she could barely take the suspense. What if Lydia had poisoned herself out of pain? How could she had made Lydia go alone?

Abu ignored Naa and run out to get a block which he hit against the door lock a number of times before it opened.

Naa rushed to Lydia who sat in a corner of her huge bedroom and stared at her bed.

‘I am a bad mother…a very bad mother…’ She said in a muffled voice.

Abu stood at the entrance and watched in silence, he didn’t understand what was going on.

To be continued…


God bless you


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