Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 44



Dr Agbo paused a while, nodded his head at whatever Naa whispered and resumed praying. Naa remained unsettled and kept shooting quick glances at the entrance to the cafeteria every few minutes. She scolded herself for having been so careless.

‘Help us Lord…Please.’ she prayed.

It didn’t take long before Nana pushed the cafeteria doors open and stepped in. His eyes roamed around the cafeteria till he spotted the trio at one end. He pushed his hands into his pocket and began to walk towards them. Naa’s first instinct was to stop praying for Lydia and run to Nana just to stop him from moving any closer. She looked down at Lydia who had her eyes firmly shut and fist clenched.

‘What’s going on here?’ Nana asked when he was within earshot.

‘Is my mum ill? Is Andrea dead?’ He rattled on in anguish.

Naa looked at him and moved her index finger to her lips to tell him to keep quiet. Nana ignored the sign and touched his mother on the shoulder causing Lydia’s eyes to flare open.

‘What are you doing here?!’ Lydia screamed.

Nana wasn’t sure about what was going on and turned to look at Naa who was standing beside Dr Agbo.

‘I think it would be better if you left. This….’ Naa began.

‘But…Wh…’ Nana began to question.

Lydia threw her hands around her son’s neck in a bid to strangle him but was held back by Naa and Dr Agbo.

‘Please leave now!’ Naa commanded.

Nana laid sprawled on the floor with his hand around his neck as he tried to understand what exactly was happening before him.

‘I said NOW!’ Naa bellowed with tears in her eyes.

Nana quickly scrambled up from the floor and walked slowly to the entrance of the cafeteria -midway through he turned.

‘You told her, didn’t you?!’ He shouted wagging his finger at Naa.

Who told you to tell her?! I didn’t send you?!’ Nana continued, moving closer to the trio again.

Dr Agbo let go of Lydia and moved towards Nana to try and calm him down.

‘You need to calm down young man..this….’

‘You can’t tell me to calm down. She betrayed me!’ Nana exclaimed and pointed an accusing finger at Naa.

‘You slept with your own sister?! How could you?!Don’t you have any ounce of morality in you? Did I not teach you anything while you grew?! Lydia cried from the chair, struggling to get out but was held down by Naa.

‘Are you blaming me?!’ Nana asked and laughed out loud.

‘You who couldn’t take time off to speak to your daughter and……….’

‘Stop there young man! Get out of here now!!!’ Dr Agbo interjected and ordered Nana out. Nana looked him in the eyes and exclaimed;

‘I am not going anywhere! I am not going anywhere till you show me where my Andrea is!’

Naa could not control Lydia anymore as she broke away and jumped onto her son causing him to fall. Dr Agbo and Naa rushed to pull Lydia off her son. The commotion had caused a small crowd of the cooks, counter attendants and a few nurses to gather a bit far off.

‘Go now!’ Dr Agbo bellowed at Nana who didn’t think twice and rushed out the cafeteria.

‘I will kill you if I ever see you! Don’t step foot into my house again!’ Lydia shouted and broke into tears.

‘Leave me!’ she shouted at Dr Agbo and Naa, breaking free and stomping out of the cafeteria. Dr Agbo and Naa followed closely leaving the small crowd to demystify the scene they had just witnessed.

‘Eeii…Abigail…what was happening here?’ one nurse asked a cook.

‘I dunno o, I heard noises and I came out…ask Selasi.’ the cook replied and pointed at the lady who had been behind the counter.

‘Hmm…from what I heard…the woman’s son was sleeping with her daughter….hmmm..this world.’ Selasi replied sadly

To be continued…


God bless you


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