Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 43

Dr. Agbo looked at Lydia and turned to look at Naa before speaking up;

‘Let’s pray.. Heavenly Father take control please. In Jesus’ name we pray, amen.’

Naa squeaked out a reply while Lydia stared at the table unconcerned. Dr. Agbo took in a deep breath and spoke up;

‘From what I have gathered over the past few hours I feel…’ Dr. Agbo shook his head and continued.

‘I have a patient named Samuel, who I rushed here on Friday night because of a heart attack. In the course of getting to know him better and to find out what could have been the probable cause of his heart attack, he told me his life story.’

‘O, so Samuel has succeeded in infecting you with his lies as well.’ Lydia barked at the doctor.

Dr. Agbo replied with a stern look that caused her to cringe and listen in silence.

‘His heart attack was caused partly by shock from seeing his two children in bed. Now Lydia, please listen to this… Naa isn’t lying to you, it’s better you accept this now so we find a way around it…work around it…you..’

‘I can’t accept it! I won’t! I can’t see myself working around this! it’s too much!’ Lydia shouted in pain.

Naa pulled her chair closer to Lydia’s and held her close.

‘Yes….it’s a mouthful but I believe God can turn this around…He…’ Dr. Agbo continued.

‘No… He can’t… It’s all my fault!’ Lydia exclaimed, beating her chest.

Dr. Agbo rose from his chair and stepped closer to Lydia who was weeping. He laid a hand on her shoulder and began to pray in tongues.

***  ***

‘I want to see Andrea.’ Nana said to the only nurse behind the counter. It was a miracle he had gotten to the hospital in one piece with the way he drove.

‘Excuse me? Who is Andrea?’ The nurse asked with a confused look.

‘She’s…she….my sister….she is admitted her… I was told a few hours ago.’ Nana stuttered.

‘What ward is she in please?’ The nurse asked.

‘I dunno!’ Nana exclaimed out of frustration.

‘Please calm down….when was she brought in please.’

‘I dunno!’

‘Could you please call whoever told you she was on admission here and ask for more details?’ The nurse encouraged.

Nana slapped the counter with his palm and run back to his car,he had left the phone in it.

The nurse watched Nana run out of the OPD and clapped her hands;

‘These boys…I won’t be shocked if it’s an abortion gone wrong. Nonsense!’

***  ***

Dr. Agbo and Naa’s prayer for Lydia was interrupted by the vibration of Lydia’s phone which lay on the table. Naa stretched out her neck and saw from the caller ID that Nana was calling. She knew it was a very wrong time and stretched out her hand and muted the phone before continuing her prayer. Nana didn’t stop calling, he called again and again and by the fifth time Naa had to excuse herself to go answer the call.

‘Where is Andrea? Why aren’t you answering my calls?’ Nana asked immediately.

‘Whats wrong?’

‘I am looking for Andrea, I want to see her…where is my mum please?’

‘She is ok…. Can you call back?’

‘No….I want to see Andrea now!’

‘I don’t know…’

‘Where is my mum?’ Nana asked.

‘She…we…calm…’ Naa stuttered.

‘Where is my mum?!’ Nana shouted over the phone.

‘Cafeteria but…’ Nana had already ended the call. If he was coming here, then it wasn’t a good time or place.

‘O God, what have I done?’ Naa hissed to herself.

She walked back to Dr. Agbo and whispered  into his ear.
To be continued….


God bless you


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