Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 42


‘Please calm down.’ Dr. Agbo coaxed and moved closer to Lydia.

‘No! I can’t!’

‘Just take a deep breath and let it out slowly.’ Dr. Agbo encouraged.

Lydia kept shaking her head and biting her nails. Dr. Agbo moved closer and pulled her into an embrace. He listened to her mummble gibberish and finally calm down.

‘Let’s go get something for you to eat from the cafeteria. I know it would be almost empty by now.’

Lydia nodded and allowed herself to be led to the hospital cafeteria.

***  ***

‘Is he going to be fine?’ Naa asked eagerly.

‘Yes ma’am, he…’

‘Are you sure?’ 

‘Please calm down madam. The doctor has stabilized him. Could you contact any family member?’ The nurse replied and patted Naa’s hands.

‘I tried…but…he has turned off his phone.’ Naa replied in anguish.

‘What of his wife?’ The nurse asked.

Naa looked at the nurse sadly before replying;

‘For now she isn’t available. If he is stabilized why can’t I see him?’ Naa questioned.

‘Because he needs to rest.’ The nurse replied and gave a reassuring smile.

‘Come with me, I think you need some juice- let’s go get some from the cafeteria.’

Naa sighed loudly and followed the nurse, she was beginning to develop a headache from all that had happened.

***  ***

After thinking a while, Nana had resorted to suicide. He stared at the small container that held sleeping pills his doctor had prescribed after a short case of insomia. There were about five tablets left and he reckoned that could give him a peaceful death.

Nana poured out the tablets into his hand and stared at them. 

‘All I wanted to do was protect her…she needed protection…I am sorry Andrea… I am sorry m…’ He stopped halfway when the thought of not seeing Andrea the last time before his death dawned on him. Quickly, Nana poured the tablets back into the container and rushed out of the house.

‘I need to see her one last time and apologize before ending this.’

He said to himself turning on the car engine.

***  ***

Lydia was deep in thought as she sucked her pineapple juice from the straw. This couldn’t be true, this couldn’t be happening, her children would never be involved in such an act.

‘Lydia?’ Dr. Agbo called.

‘Do you want to talk now?’ He asked.

Lydia raised her head and looked into the doctor’s eyes. She opened her mouth in an attempt to speak up but shut it again.

Dr. Agbo stretched his hand across the table and patted Lydia’s free hand.

‘Take your time, it’s not a rush.’

Lydia nodded in reply.

‘Dr. Agbo!’ Someone exclaimed from behind.

He turned and smiled broadly before replying.

‘Martha!’ Turning back to Lydia he excused himself and walked towards Martha, it wasn’t long before he realised Naa was behind Nurse Martha.

Dr. Agbo furrowed his brow, turned to look at Lydia and back at Naa before continuing his conversation with Nurse Martha;

‘Martha welcome back.’

‘Thank you! Thank you! My leave was short but needed.’ Martha replied loudly.

‘Ma’am please take a seat while I get you some water.’ Martha said, directing Naa to an empty seat.

‘Let me take care of this lady so we catch up ok.’ Martha winked and walked to the cafeteria counter.

‘Pastor Naa, what is happening?’ Dr. Agbo asked immediately Martha was out of earshot.

‘A lot..too much. Have you seen my friend please…the lady you met me with’ she replied.

‘You mean Lydia? I came in with her.’

Naa looked up and allowed her eyes to follow the directions of the doctor’s hand. Immediately she got up from her chair and walked towards were Lydia sat.

‘Lydia? Are you ok?’ Naa asked.

‘I don’t want to talk now…please go away.’ Lydia replied.

‘I am sorry Lydia… I really am…I’

‘What exactly are you apologizing for?’ Lydia raised her head and asked.

Naa turned to look at Dr. Agbo for help but he replied with a blank look as he didn’t understand what was going on.

‘O! You know the lady I came with and you didnt say so?’ Martha spoke up, interrupting the tensed atmosphere.

‘Yes I do,let me take that.’ He stretched out his hand and took the bottle of water Martha was holding, ‘I will take care of the lady you can return to your post please.’

Martha replied with raised eyebrows and turned to walk away.

‘What is going on here ladies?’ Dr. Agbo asked after he watched Martha walk out of the cafeteria.

‘She is a liar.’ Lydia stated.

‘We are not lying Lydia…it’s the truth.’ Naa pleaded.

‘What is the truth Pastor?’ Dr. Agbo asked.

Naa hesitated.

‘Why are you hesitating, if it’s indeed the truth- tell him.’ Lydia responded.

Naa opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out.

‘Tell him!’ Lydia commanded.

‘Her children are sleeping with each other.’

Dr. Agbo frowned sightly, he wasn’t sure if he heard right or the number of incest cases had risen.


‘You heard right. Her children are involved in incest.’ Naa replied.

Lydia gave out a cynical laugh.

‘Isn’t it funny how Samuel has brainwashed you into thinking my children are doing that when he actually raped my daughter?’ 

‘Samuel?’ Dr. Agbo asked.

‘He is my ex-husband’ Lydia responded.

Everything was beginning to make sense now. This was his patient -Samuel’s  ex-wife and the patient they had gone to see in intensive care had been his daughter. Dr. Agbo sighed loudly.

‘Please take a seat Pastor.’ Dr. Agbo offered and pulled back an empty chair.

‘What are you doing?!’ Lydia exclaimed.

‘We need to talk.’

To be continued


God bless you


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