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Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 41

They remained silent and frozen- neither turning nor speaking. Lydia sniffed hard and asked again,

‘Where are you going to?’

Slowly they turned and Naa responded;

‘I….I…was just helping him…him back to his ward.’ Naa stuttered.

‘I heard you tell him you needed to talk to him.’ Lydia continued, sitting up and allowing the shawl which had been on her chest to fall to her lap.

Naa gulped hard, she was glad she hadn’t began blabbering about the current situation before asking Samuel to take a walk with her.

‘Or has he started filling your head with lies?’ Lydia sneered.

Naa felt the situation might get out of hand but before she could speak up Samuel had replied.

‘I am not a liar ‘ 

‘Really?  You are denying it too.’ Lydia crossed her arm across her chest.

‘I am not denying anything… I am stating a fact…I am not a liar.’ Samuel reiterated.

‘Stop lying! You did something to my daughter that Friday night! Did you not?!’ Lydia said in a raised voice. Fortunately due to the hour of the day, the OPD was empty with one nurse at the counter. She had clogged her ears with an ear phone making her oblivious to what was happening.

‘Lydia!’ Naa said sternly, trying to call the situation to order.

‘O shut up Naa! This man here is a liar! He lied that my children are …are…’ Lydia shouted and got out of her chair in haste.

Naa was taken aback by Lydia’s response and remained silent as she shouted.

‘You honestly do not understand how I hate you right now! You don’t!’ Lydia pointed and inched towards Samuel as if to threaten him.

Samuel remained silent and watcher her, his heaving chest very much visible from the gown he wore. Suddenly he clutched Naa’s hand and held on tightly.

‘If my Andrea doesn’t make it, if she doesn’t ..I would kill you! With my bare hands!’ Lydia screamed and tore at her hair.

Samuel hit his chest hard and let out a soft groan as he began falling to the ground. Naa shifted her attention from Lydia and tried catching Samuel who seemed to be in great pain and passing out.

Lydia wiped her tears away and sneered;

‘You want to put up an act so I stop accusing you! I don’t care if you die!’

Naa couldn’t take it anymore, she laid Samuel gently on the cold floor and quickly arose in anger.

‘Stop this nonsense! Just…just…stop it!’

‘Let him die!’ Lydia shouted back. By this time, the nurse behind the counter had ditched her ear piece and moved closer to the scene. She had rushed to Samuel’s side as soon as Naa’s got up from laying him in the floor.

‘He won’t die! I refuse it! And you need to shut up and pray cos your children…those two children of yours!…o God! I wish I didn’t have to spill it out this way but you pushed me! You pushed me! Your children are involved in incest Lydia! Just wake up to all the signs. I firmly believe Samuel is here because he caught your two children…’ Naa said in a shaky voice. It was evident she was trying to control her temper.

‘You liar! You are joining him aren’t you! You are ganging up with him! He raped my daughter and..’ Lydia shook her head vigorously and began moving backwards.

‘No, Lydia…’ Naa began with tears running down her cheeks.

‘He didn’t do that…he never touched your daughter…Nana was the one who saw the signs but you…’

:No!…No!…Lies!’ Lydia cried out and turned to run out of the OPD.

‘Lydia!’ Naa shouted, making an attempt to chase her but the nurse called out.

‘I need help.. He is having a heart attack please.’

Naa looked at the OPD entrance and down at Samuel and the nurse crouching beside him – She didn’t know who to help.
***  ***

Nana had been sitting on his bed, looking straight at his wall for long. His thoughts were interrupted by a call on his phone which he had laid on the bed. The caller ID showed Naa was calling. He watched as the call end and turned to face the wall again. 

He needed time to clear his head, he wasn’t ready to talk to anyone. Again, his phone began to ring- Naa was calling again. Nana looked at the phone screen as Naa continued to call. After three missed calls- he turned his phone off and threw it onto the bed. He sighed loudly;

‘I need a solution!’…please!’

***  ***

Dr. Agbo had walked towards his car to take some documents and was walking back into the hospital using the OPD entrance when he saw Lydia. She looked worse than he had left her- messier hair and wet checks. She kept pacing back and forth infront of the flower bed that was to the left of the entrance and biting her nails.

Dr. Agbo paused and walked to her.


‘They are all liars!’ She screamed.

To be continued


God bless you


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