Brotherly Love (II) – Episode 40


Naa sighed loudly before answering;

‘I am blessed, yourself?’

‘I am great by the Lord’s grace.’

‘We bless God. Were you the Doctor who run off with Lydia?’ Naa asked with a smile, taking her gaze off the doctor and looking down at Lydia.

Dr. Agbo threw his head back and laughed loudly;

‘Run off you say…you make it sound like we eloped.’

‘Well…so how is Andrea doing? We have verified the patient is Andrea right?’ Naa eagerly changed the subject.

‘Yes, it’s Andrea.’ Lydia answered Naa’s question from below.

‘That’s great….Lydia…this is Sena’s father, your intern whose Father is a lay- pastor.’ Naa introduced Dr. Agbo to Lydia.

Lydia looked up and smiled weakly;

‘I will have to take leave of you now…I still have some patients to meet.’ Dr. Agbo interrupted.

‘That’s ok…’ Naa replied and took a seat beside her friend.

‘Thank you. God bless you Ladies’ Dr. Agbo replied and began walking away.

Naa pulled Lydia close to herself and mummbled a short prayer.

‘How is she doing?’ Naa asked, rubbing Lydia’s back gently.


‘I think we need to go home now and freshen least we have found Andrea by God’s grace.’ Naa continued,ignoring her friends short answer.


‘Are you OK?’ Naa asked.

‘Yes,you can go if you want to but I will stay here till they discharge my baby girl.

Naa remained silent, she saw no need in arguing with Lydia.
***  ***

Nana had sped all the way home, honking loudly in the process as if an emergency needed to be quickly attended to. He arrived at the house gate in record but remained behind it with the engine on. He didn’t blow his horn so Abu would not bother himself.

He hit the steering wheel hard and bowed his head. No words came to his mind or lips, the tears just poured down his cheeks. He moved his head back, leaned it on the head rest and turned off the ignition. His heart felt so heavy and greatly saddened.


Shutting his eyes, he recollected how things had turned sour but was rudely roused by loud rasps on the car window. He was taken aback for a second but quickly recovered when he noticed it was Abu. Nana rolled the glass down to hear him speak audibly.

‘You no go come in?’ Abu asked.

‘Make you open am…I dey come park rydee.’

Abu moved away while stealing glances at his boss’ son. Nana touched his cheeks and realized they had been made wet from his tears and his eyes in the rear view mirror showed he needed sleep and had been crying.

He was sure Abu had been staring because of his wet face.

***  ***

Samuel didn’t realize he had dozed off till he woke up with a start from his slumber. He looked around, trying to quickly juggle his brain back into shape and sat up in bed. He had a dream where he was being asked to find it in his heart to forgive his children.

In the short dream, he had tried arguing that his children’s sin was abominable but a calm,handsome and quiet gentleman spoke up and said, it was God’s grace that protected him and gave him life, it was by grace that he had been saved…that he might be a vessel for others by leading them to Christ- no sin was too great to forgive by God.

Samuel got out of bed and went on his knees;

‘Be my strength I can’t figure this so please forgive them through me in Jesus name, Amen’
***  ***

‘Where is Nana?’ Lydia asked suddenly.

Naa shut her eyes tight and counted three before answering;

‘He came and left.’ Naa replied. The mention of Nana had caused her heart beat to rise.

‘Without coming into see Andrea?’ Lydia questioned.

‘He was just checking something outside out,he told me he will be back.’

‘I hear you.. Tell him to get me some fresh juice when coming…I am starving.’

Naa remained still awhile before answering;

‘I will do that.’

***  ***

After his unsettling dream, Samuel decided to take a stroll through his hospital corridor with the hope of bumping into Dr. Agbo- he needed to speak to someone. Fortunately, shortly after he had entered his ward earlier, one nurse had come to take him off his drip meaning he could walk around freely.

Samuel had been in deep thought while walking and didn’t realize till he had almost bumped into Naa’s feet.

‘I am sorry.’

‘No problem…how are you?’ Naa smiled and replied. She and Lydia were still seated at the hospital OPD, Lydia had dozed off after instructing Naa to call Nana.

‘O…it’s you…. My wife’s friend..I mean my ex-wife.’ He stuttered.

Naa looked at Lydia who had fallen asleep on her shoulder, shifted her a bit so she slept fully in her chair and covered her up with a shawl.

‘I need to talk to you. Can we walk?’ Naa rose up and smiled broadly.

Samuel looked at her suspiciously before nodding his head.

‘Where are you going to?’ They both heard Lydia ask as soon as they turned to walk down the corridor Samuel had fore-used.
To be continued…


God bless you


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