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Brotherly Love (II) -Episode 39

Naa gulped hard, she had always known the truth but hearing it straight from Nana’s mouth made her throat suddenly dry up. In an attempt not to judge, she inhaled sharply and exhaled slowly.

‘I know it was wrong… You don’t need to tell me. I have never been happy with it, believe me when I say I tried stopping it but…’ Nana said.

Naa took another deep breath and slowly let it out through her mouth. She knew she had to be strong, but all her strength had suddenly vanished. It felt like a wind weighing a ton had blown her strength out. With shaky hands, she turned to Nana and said;

‘I am sorry….I am human… I am overwhelmed. Can we pray before we talk…’

Nana looked at her from the corner of his eyes and turned.

‘What are you going to pray for? That God punishes me more for the evil I have done?’ Nana asked in defense.

Naa’s eyes had began tearing up;

‘No…I am not going to do that.. I… I just need strength to speak to you…cos I have lost all the strength in me.’ Naa replied.

‘I am sorry..  I didn’t mean to cause you to lose your strength…maybe I should just go home and…’ Nana said, getting up from the car bonnet and turning to walk away.

‘No! Stay!’ Naa responded quickly and stretched out her body to grab his arm.

‘Please stay…lets just pray…’

‘I don’t want to pray, I feel…. I feel he doesn’t love me.I feel God would never forgive me for sleeping with my sister…it’s too big.’ Nana replied without turning. He has remained in the same position as Naa’s hand had grabbed on to him.

‘No.’ Naa wiped the tears that had been trickling down her eyes and pulled herself closer to Nana,still holding onto his arm.

‘What do you mean no?’ Nana asked in a shaky voice.

‘No, he loves you…. No, he has forgiven you…No, nothing is too hard for Him.’ Naa replied.

‘You don’t understand…. You don’t…’ Nana replied, shaking his head slowly.

‘God loves you….He knew all this would happen…that’s…’

‘He knew? So why didn’t he stop me?! Why didn’t he stop Andrea?!’ Nana exclaimed and pulled his hand aggressively from Naa’s hold.

‘I need time to myself. I am tired.’ He said abruptly.

‘But…’ Naa began to protest but felt in her spirit to let Nana go.

‘Ok… Give me a call when you want to talk.’ Naa replied and moved to the side of the car.

Nana stood still for a while before unlocking the car. He sat in and drove away without turning to look at Naa.

Naa sniffed loudly and watched him speed off towards the hospital’s main entrance.
***  ***

Lydia had been ushered out of Andrea’s ward after a few minutes and led by Doctor Agbo back to her seat. She seemed visibly shaken and quickly grabbed unto Dr. Agbo’s hand as he walked away.

‘Will she be fine?’ She questioned with bulging eyes.

Dr. Agbo turned to her and squatted in front of her like a small girl. Taking her hands into his, he looked into her eyes and said;

‘She will be fine. God won’t disappoint you, if it feels like He has then it most likely wasn’t in his original plan for your life. He wouldn’t intentionally do something to hurt. You wouldn’t truly nor fully understand God’s way but all this is for His glory. Yes…I know it doesn’t make sense … Most times what God does in our lives never makes sense till we see the full picture because His ways are higher than us. All I can assure you is this…He loves you Lydia.’

Lydia pulled back suddenly,she hadn’t told the doctor her name,how did he know?

‘What’s wrong?’

‘You…you…you’ Lydia stuttered.

‘I…? Dr. Agbo urged her on.

‘You mentioned my name…I never told you my name..but you just did.’

Dr. Agbo smiled and replied;

‘This should confirm what I said, God knows what He is doing and He is madly in love with you and your family.’ With that Dr. Agbo got up from his position and tapped Lydia’s shoulder but just as he was about walking away Naa called from the hallway.

‘Lydia?’ She was headed towards their seat after watching Nana drive off.

Lydia turned slowly towards the voice and snifffed as if in response.

‘Where have you been ..’ Naa walked more briskly towards Lydia,

‘Dr. Agbo?’ Naa asked, halting beside the two.

‘Lady Pastor, how are you doing please.’
***  ***

Samuel felt like he had spent eternity in bed, tossing and turning every few years.

‘I can’t sleep!’ He grunted in disgust and sat up.

He felt so restless and looked around for something to amuse himself with. The TV in his private ward had nothing worthwhile showing.

He turned to his small table and saw the black leather bound Bible. Dr. Agbo had given it to him the day he had prayed with him. Samuel stared at the Bible, contemplating whether to take it or not. Finally he stretched out his arm slowly, picked the Bible up from the table and remembered Dr. Agbo’s words.

‘Whenever you can, read this…it would heal you…it would give you rest and it would refresh you.’

‘I need that rest, so please give me that.’ With that he opened the Bible and began reading out loud.

To be continued…


God bless you


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